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Viktoriia Bilobrova

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Viktoriia Bilobrova
Prenom, Nom: Viktoriia Bilobrova
Date de naissance: 10 avril 1993
Pays, Ville: Nikolaev, Ukraine
Address: chygryna 82, Mykolaiv, Mykolaivska oblast
Telephone: +380684698494
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Echantillons de ses messages:

She told me she is lives in Mykolai and works in University there. her parents live in Ochakiv.

Below is the some of the chat:

  • Mykolaiv: But Sunday morning I write u more concrete8/17/18, 07:30 - chandu: Ok let me know sunday. So that i come on monday.8/17/18, 07:30 - chandu: Please write me positive on sunday ð8/17/18, 11:41 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Yee8/17/18, 11:42 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Of course8/17/18, 19:12 - chandu: ð8/19/18, 10:46 - chandu: So should I come tomorrow ?!8/19/18, 12:43 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Yes come to Nikolaev tomorrow8/19/18, 12:45 - chandu: ð # i will be there around 10 - 11 a.m Will write you when i get the bus to know the exact time :))See you tomorrow8/19/18, 13:18 - Victoria Mykolaiv: See u tomorrow8/20/18, 06:41 - chandu: Good morning, I am on the bus to nikolaev.Shall we meet at soborna street near mc donalds ?8/20/18, 08:59 - chandu: Hi I am reaching in 15 - 20 min , are you still sleeping ?8/20/18, 09:00 - chandu: By the way this is my ukrainian number+3806871366938/20/18, 12:09 - chandu: I am in soborna street still waiting for you8/20/18, 12:34 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Helli8/20/18, 12:34 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Hi8/20/18, 12:35 - chandu: Hey are you coming ? I don't have much time !8/20/18, 12:38 - Victoria Mykolaiv: When u leaving ?8/20/18, 12:39 - chandu: Around 16.00 ...where are you ?8/20/18, 12:46 - Victoria Mykolaiv: We meet in prospect Mira8/20/18, 12:46 - Victoria Mykolaiv: I live there near Vasleva street8/20/18, 12:46 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Atb market8/20/18, 12:47 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Good place only Celentano8/20/18, 12:47 - Victoria Mykolaiv: At 15-00 ?8/20/18, 12:47 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Ok ?8/20/18, 12:50 - chandu: Could you give me the exact that i come there ?8/20/18, 12:50 - chandu: Or is this the place ?8/20/18, 12:50 - chandu: 30A, Myru Ave, 30Ð , Mykolaiv, Mykolaivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 54000
  • 8/20/18, 12:50 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Yes8/20/18, 12:50 - Victoria Mykolaiv: This address8/20/18, 12:50 - Victoria Mykolaiv: We meet there in 1 hour8/20/18, 12:50 - Victoria Mykolaiv: At 15-008/20/18, 12:50 - Victoria Mykolaiv: See u8/20/18, 12:51 - chandu: Ok :)8/20/18, 13:38 - chandu: I am already there, if you are ready you can come :)8/21/18, 10:19 - chandu: Hi vica how are you ? So what do you think about me now ! Now that i have answered your question and met you in person as well ð8/21/18, 10:19 - chandu: I guess i know the answer '' we will see''ð8/21/18, 21:27 - Victoria Mykolaiv: Hello , somethig like that8/21/18, 21:40 - chandu: Honest question !! how long you think you need see before you can decide on me ?!8/21/18, 21:58 - Victoria Mykolaiv: I need see som act , like travel together , see ur usually life and etc8/21/18, 22:01 - chandu: Fair enough. What if I offer you to come to Germany andstay with me for a while ? On weekends we can travel to nearby places ?8/21/18, 22:05 - chandu: Other offer would be i invite you to kiev, I am here till saturday so that you can spend time with me to know me better !8/21/18, 22:32 - Victoria Mykolaiv: First option i like more8/21/18, 23:31 - chandu: So when do you want to come ?8/22/18, 15:21 - Victoria Mykolaiv: depends when documents ready8/22/18, 15:30 - Victoria Mykolaiv: <Media omitted>8/22/18, 16:22 - chandu: Nice pic, this time you are smiling ðW


Schema de larnaque:
  • I met this girl on Tinder, while I was planning my trip to Ukraine.She sounded very honest in looking for a partner. When I was In ukraine we agreed to meet for a coffee in her working place mykolaiv.

    We just talked for about an hour and left saying we will keep in touch.  After couple of days I asked what she thinks about me as a partner, she said she can't say anything at the moment as we have not spent enough time together and she doesn't know how I live personally at my country.

    I agreed as it was true, so I offered her 2 things , 1. to come to kiev with me to spend some time together.

    2. Come to germany and stay with  me for a while to get to know each other.

    She accepted the 2nd more lucrative offer :)

    then as she didn't have biometriy passport (as per her statement to me) I sent her 5 euros, later we decided on a travel date and I booked her a flight ticket.

    Then suddenly she showed a rule book for ukrainian to enter germany, although it is visafree border police might ask her to show if she has enough money to stay in Germany (which is true)

    Then as we didn't have much time,I sent to her bank account another 200 euros. and incase if she still gets into trouble, I sent her my Id copy and a letter of financial support written by me with signature.

    finally on the day of the travel, when I asked her if she is in the airport. her reply was NOOOO she is still at her place.

    then she broke all contacts with me 

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