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Yulia Helysh

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Yulia Helysh
Prenom, Nom: Yulia Helysh
Date de naissance: 05 décembre 1989
Pays, Ville: Mariupol, Donetsk
Address: Ave. Metallurgists, 171, Mariupol
E-mail: or
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Echantillons de ses messages:
ello again my love Alberto. Now I have received a letter from my colleague. She upset me. I really counted on her. But unfortunately she is ready to give me money for loans only during salary. But I can’t wait so long. Her salary will be only November 15. Therefore, I do not know what to do. I need to have time to find the money to pay for my ticket. I am very upset now. My dear Alberto, my tickets will cost me only 210 euros. One ticket I saved, and the ticket whose departure was supposed to be expired yesterday. I did not pay for the "return ticket" service. Since I was sure that I would have time to fly to you yesterday. My travel agent warned that I might not be in time. She offered to make a flight reservation only. But I refused and said that I need fully paid tickets. It was my mistake about which I already regretted a hundred times. Now, because of this, I have difficulties. Also, I did not expect that I would have to stay here longer than one night. And for this I gave my last money for a hotel stay. This is terrible and I'm very upset about it. But it’s too late to blame yourself and think about what has already happened. Now we need to solve this problem, and not puzzle over the fact that I was mistaken. My dear Alberto, it’s time not to get it back; therefore, we need to solve the problem that exists now. I hope you understand me. I am missing 90 euros now. I have no money left even to travel to the airport. I am very upset and I do not know what to do. The only person I counted on was my colleague. This is the girl with whom I communicate well. But still she cannot help me at the moment. Therefore, I want to ask you for support. Since I no longer have other thoughts. I have a hopeless situation and for this I appeal to you. I have to pay 90 euros for my tickets so that today I can fly to you on a flight whose data I sent you yesterday. My dear Alberto, I don’t know if you will agree to help me and if you have such money. But still I really hope for your understanding. Since I no longer have other ways out of this situation. I hope that you will be able to support me, as my flight I am flying to you. I am flying to visit you, and for this I very much hope for your support. I will return this money when my colleague is given a salary. I do not want to have problems with my flight, since I can not stay in Kiev. I need to make my departure today to avoid the difficulties that will arise if I do not recover to you today. Since I do not have money not for food, not for accommodation. Therefore, I ask you to support me in the implementation of my flight. My dear Alberto, now I will finish my letter and will wait for your prompt reply. Your Ylia.
Schema de larnaque:
  • She wrote and I don't know where shefound my email. I understood that she was a scammenr. She wrote to be indipendent and did not need money to visit me, but last day some thing happenned and asked 90€, but I did not send

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Photos badly retouched. Childish and contradictory history


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