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Yuliya markina

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Yuliya markina
Prenom, Nom: Yuliya markina
Pays, Ville: , Russie
Address: Kurgannaya Street, house 227, apartment 19. postal index 385000, Maikop
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Hello my cute Barón. I'm very happy to get your letter. :) how are you? have you left for Madrid yet? Yes, it would be nice to meet there and spend some time together to get to know each I have more time to write to you. Today I took a day off from work, because last night my mother came to visit me, and today I decided to spend with her. This morning I was at a gym workout with my colleague. and I did a little photo shoot for you.) Now I came to the hair salon to write you a letter.When I went to the barber shop I saw an old couple, they were hugging each other, and I could understand that they were happy together. it was very romantic, and I wish you and I could be as happy a couple as they are, and love each other even after 20 or 30 years together.))) I'm sure if we meet in the future, you would be caring and romantic with me and would give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.)During this time, I'm used to you. It's interesting talking to you. I can tell you any story. I'm open with you, I have no secrets from you. I hope you're also open with me. I'd like to tell you about my mom. my mom's name is Anna. She lives in the countryside outside of my town, and rarely comes to visit. Sometimes I go to visit her.  Yesterday I was very glad to her arrival to visit me. because I wanted to talk to her about you. By the way, my mother is also building a relationship with a man from her village. I was already familiar with him, he's a good man. I am very happy for my mother and hope she will be happy with her man.)) what about my biological father, we don't communicate for many years, it was the worst father in the world. my parents were divorced when I was 5.  I talked about you with my mom, it was a very long conversation. I told my mom about you. I told my mom, I'm tired of being lonely, I'm tired of living alone. And my mother understands me well, and she doesn't want me to be alone either. life goes on, and you can't live alone forever. she wants me to be able to find a decent man with whom I can build relationships and be happy again.My mom said I should do what my heart told me to do.  She has a slight concern that I contacted a foreigner. Because he doesn't want my heart broken after all I've been through. Of course, my mother trusts my choice. I hope you don't have a shock, because I consulted with my mom.)) I am already an adult independent woman. And I make my own decisions. My mother for me-as the best each and adviser. I think my mother should know that I have someone who is very pleasant to me. my mother is a very kind and decent woman. I have great respect and love.Today my mother is going to stay the night in my apartment, so we will do dinner together with my mom. I really like to cook dinner with her because my mom knows how to make it more tasty.))She taught me everything I can do in the kitchen. Now I have to go. I want to go to the supermarket to buy groceries. In the evening, in my kitchen there will be a culinary duel.))) It will be a cooking battle )))))))))))))). I will take some photos today:). Too bad you're not in my town right now. you could become a judge in this culinary battle :)). Maybe one day you could cook food with me, or teach me some special dish recipe. :) I want our romance on the Internet has become something more. I'll wait for your answer. By the way, my mom sends you "Hello", I hope it will be nice for you :) Do not faint. LOL))))))))in any case, I'm willing to do for you artificial respiration. sweet kiss :-*Your Yuliya

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  • Yuliya Markina, dice que trabaja en una Peluqueria y te envia fotostrabajando ella en la Peluqueria, Con un Perro, En una Pizzeria e inclusivete pide que compartas con ella una Estrella. Te presentara a su madre y nuncapodras establecer con ella una video conferencia por que se le rompio eltelefono y ademas el Cyber mas cercano esta muy lejos de su casa y trabajo.Los mensajes los envia por el pc del jefe del salon de belleza donde trabaja,e inclusive un dia recibira un ramo de flores de un admirador secreto que alos 4 correos siguientes visitara su peluqueria y se tratara de un policiaque esta locamente enamorado de ella, pero ella solo tendra ojos para ti, eneste caso para dos correos diferentes desde los cuales le escribi. Desde unacuenta le escribi en Ingles y desde la otra en Castellano. En fin, que hasido una de las scammers que mas elaborada tiene su historia y mas creible,aunque si sabemos como se comportan las scammers rapidamente la detectaremos.Sus correos

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