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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Inna Kaschevskaja

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First name, Last name: Inna Kaschevskaja
Country, City: Russie, Barnaul
Address: Russia, City : Barnaul Postal code : 656019 Street adr: Ermaka 11. appt 35 My full name : Inna Kaschevskaja
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Samples of her messages:

Hello,its Inna here,how are you doing ?I am little bit tired now and need to sleep,i had to weak up early so not too muchpower now,what about you my dear ? :)I wish to make massage for you,would you like that ?but first i would have some rest,few days of rest better :)Do you like massage ? I can do it very well.Today i brought some more pictures and i will attach them soyou can see it from your end,i have not told to my friends about you and i am surethat my co-workers from clinic would be very surprised.They see some changes in my mood and it became betterbecause i think about you sometimes during the dayand smile run on my lips :)I want to tell you about what i want and what i amlooking for in my life.First of all it is not just marriage,i want to find soul mate to share my life with,the other half.I belive every one has the second half some whereand the world is in harmony only because there is the balance.So if you are there,you other half could be any where,and if you make steps and try to find it,the God will leadyou by the way of Destiny,and you will be happy one day,because if you are looking for something,you will find it 100 percent.My dream is to find the man who is ableto take care of me and to create healthy relations with,based on Trust first of all.I gave to my ex the second chance but thesimilar situation took a place every time again and again.Sometime he go to the shop to buy some bread and get lostfor two days,nobody know where is he and every one was nervouslooking for him-but he drunk alcohol in sauna with friendsand sure prostitutes took a part also.Sorry for this words,but this words is nothingif you compete it with how bad i felt when friends brought himhome after such as party.My marriage has made me really more strongerthan i was before,i hope you are one woman man,are you ?I am the one man lady and that means if i am in relations withman,i do not looking for any body else if there is a harmonyin our relations,do you understand what i am talking about ?how do you see the right relations between man and woman ?By the way i enjoy cooking and i can do it pretty well,my favorite kitchen is Russian kitchen and i would cooksome delicious food for you if this would ever take a place :)Do you watch TV ? i like some shows but not enough spare time,i prefer just to relax or spend time with closes people thanspend it on soap operas and other things.As you know this morning i read the joke,and i have find itfunny : "if the man always watch TV and lay on the sofabeing in relations with you and do not need anything more,that means he is really happy " :)I like to dance but can not go to clubs often because theywork at night and i need to weak up early :)I love reading and classic literature is my favorite.Well,i am going home now and will come here soon,Looking forward to hearing from you my dear,take care and kiss for you,thank you for being good listener,

Scheme fraud:
  • My dearest,it is me Inna here.i am glad to hear from you this Monday,how are you doing ? i spend these daysthinking of us all the time.When i go to work and my co-workers see my smilingface they do not ask questions any more becausethey do know that it is because we have find eachother and out meeting is very close.I had wonderful weekend at the farm with parents and my familywish to see us with you together here someday soon.I talked to my boss and she can give me vacation from Friday 16 of Augustshe can give me two weeks to spend with you there.The name of the airport i am going to fly out from here is (BAX)after i will be getting connection flight in Moscow,there are many available flights and the prices are various,it depends on airline and on the numbers of stops,i think i will be getting the return tickets with opened dateit means i can fly back any date we decide its good for us.if we decide it after one or two weeks we just call theairline and book the flight,so its really good idea i belive.if we do marry i can stay with you forever.I was going to have flight funds by myself here but had to payrent for apartment i live as its not mine and its renter,for airfare we need to work out 870 dollars and it is what keep us a part,You can get 870 dollars(or 640 Euro here by Westernunion or or the second may be reallycheaper,(you can look for their office at any bank in your city also)send it to any bank in Russia,Barnaul,you will need my full name Inna Kaschevskaja,they will give you reference control # and you should send ithere after transfer,i have been told i need to here at the bankto pick up funds.My family want to make gifts for you and it will be surprise.I am very excited that we will be looking for new work for mein your area someday and i want you to know that i do love my job,when i was very young girl,i decided that i would spend my life helping theother people and the most important for me now is to seethe result of my work and when it does help.I want you to know that i have a sense you are the man i was looking forduring all my life,i had a hoped that there is someone thatis able to understand me and the man i can share my private.As you know honesty is very important for me and i am very happyto realize that you are honest man.That means i can trust you,and this is the fundamental where True relations can be build on.I want to describe how do i see our first meeting.It would be very beautiful sunset when the plane lands,i come out throw custom looking for the man that has changed mylife already and i will find your shinning eyes looking throwmany people at the airport,i will know that your are forsure because i would feel it with all my heart and soul,you would feel that the lady running to you is the lady ofyour dreams and who has been missing all your life and your heartwill find the other half,we will have very sweet kisses,you will give me the bouquet with red roses and i will have a tear,sometimes people have tear when they are very happy and it willbe this moment for us.After we will drive home and have a very tastysupper and we will feel that this is the beginning of our future together.After supper there would be night of making love and in the morningwe will drink coffee in the bed and making plans for the day,it will be our first morning together and everything we do togetherwe will do the first time,it will be very special.

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And her email is also

And her email is also

 Is possible really name is


Is possible really name is Marina Nichiporova?


her new email in gmail  

her new email in gmail

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