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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Alla Marchenko

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Alla Marchenko
First name, Last name: Alla Marchenko
Date of Birth: 19 July 1970
Country, City: , Ukraine
Address: Uzshgorod, Western Ukraine.
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Scheme fraud:
  • I was scammed by this woman into a fake marriage. Nearly everything she told me about her life, family,interests and view points etc, were outright lies. Before bringing her to the US I asked her if she knew anyone in America. She said no, no one. I said not ONE person? Maybe a freind, someone from school, a neighbor or someone who has moved to America? NO, she said, You are the only one in all of America I know. Well, later after we were married I found out she has a cousin who immigrated to the US with her Ukrainian husband 15 years ago. She said, Oh, I forgot about that, thats why I didnt say anything. She claimed she had only met her cousin once or twice around the age of 7 and has no memory of her at all. Later I met that cousin and found out she has been going to Ukraine once or twice a year to visit family and guess who she also has been meeting up with! YEP, Alla, of course. Now, why on Earth would someone hide this and lie about it?  To not make this too lengthy, the bottom line is she lied to me and used me to get a green card.  I reported all of this in detail to the USCIS  marriage fraud tip line with all my contact info while she had the conditional green card. Even after this fraud report they still removed conditions and issued her the 10 year green card. The reality folks is immigration simply ignores marriage fraud reports, does not investigate,follow up or take action. The ONLY time they do is if it is a news worthy this to look good to the public or a promotion helpful carreer enhancing type of situation. If not, forget it! They do NOT care about the duped and defrauded American citizen. They hand out green cards like candy on holloween.

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