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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Radmila Rozhkova

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Radmila Rozhkova
First name, Last name: Radmila Rozhkova
Date of Birth: 25 May 1977
Country, City: , Ukraine
Address: House 12A, Apartment 87 Kopylivska Street Podilsky District 02000 KIEV, UKRAINE
Telephone: +380 (68) 545 90 49
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Samples of her messages:

Dear, I need US$300 to pay to have my passport changed, instead of Radmila they spell it Radmyla, which I do not like. Because I come from war zone it cost much more to change sprlling

Dear, can you please help me with this months rent, I have been sick with pneumonia since you left, and I will be on the street if you cannot send me US$350 for rent and utilities.

Why do you not send me the money? I deleted you from life. never write me more.

Scheme fraud:
  • She asks me to come to visit her in Kiev, then before I leave she wants US$300 to change name in her passport. Upon arrival she booked us into apartments she chose, always without receipts, insisting that she uses card to withdraw cash to pay for apartment. Foolishly I trusted her, believing her. While in the apartments, I was told to sleep on couch while she used the bedroom. Again, I foolishly believed her that we should not sleep together until we got to know each other better. Instead of going to Odessa, which she promised, she demanded we stay in Kiev and instead of seeing the sights, it was always going shopping for things she needed. During the same time I had my wallet, containing cash, credit and debit cards as well as Australian licence stolen. While I could not prove it was her, in hindsight, it was suspicious. Upon returning to Australia, she has asked me to pay her monthly rent, blaming me for her loss of income while I was with her in Kiev. All very strange as, to my knowledge, she has not worked while in Kiev. She then tells me that a generous American 'male friend' has helped her financially, paying for her moving to and apartment rent in Kiev. 

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Elle a l'air d'être une

Elle a l'air d'être une charmante fille mais hélas c'est une arnaqueuse à ce que je vois là.

C'est le type de profils qui

C'est le type de profils qui passent sans en avoir l'air de l'être.

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