Our website has been working since 2009, helping people against romance scammers. Kazakhstan was never a country that had a
Good news: it's much harder for Russian dating scammers to get what they want these days. With all the sanctions
If you have encountered Ukrainian dating site scams, we are the service that can help. Any time you are scammed,
Absolutely. It is possible to verify any girl you desire through our service. We aim to satisfy our clients with
Unfortunately, romance scams 2022 have increased due to the war in Ukraine. Dating scams online with Ukrainian girls claiming to
There are some people out there that just want to separate you from your money. These people are known as
There is good news, and that is it is much more difficult for Russian dating scammers to get what they
There were scammers before the war, and we are sure there will be scammers after the war, but right now,
People are always looking for love, and because of convenience, online dating has gotten more popular over the last two
There are many crypto romance scams, and they work like any other scam; they aim to separate you from your

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A dating scam blog is a website or online platform that provides information and resources to individuals who have been affected by dating scams. The blog may share personal stories and experiences of victims, offer advice on how to avoid and report scams, and provide information on the latest scam trends and tactics used by scammers.

Our blog may also offer support and resources for individuals who have been scammed, such as contact information for organizations that can assist with recovering lost funds or dealing with the emotional fallout of being scammed. The goal of a dating scam blog is to educate and empower individuals to protect themselves from scammers and to help those who have been scammed recover and move on.