Scams types

How Do Dating Scams Work?

There are various ways women try to scam men online. Most dating scams work in the same way; they are by a lady who pretends she admires a man and requests money. It is a shame, but these tricks have been used for years and are still flourishing today. The online scams are for men […]

How To Make A Russian Woman Come To Your Country?

When you are interested in marrying Russian girl, you have probably realized that since what has happened regarding the war in Ukraine, things have changed. It is still possible to find Russian girlfriend, but things have undoubtedly become more tricky. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get a beautiful lady to visit […]

How To Trick A Dating Scammer?

Dating online is a huge business, and in 2021, dating scams have reached record highs. The key to not being someone who gets conned is to have confidence and belief. You will find dating scams can occur out of nowhere and usually target money. Through this article, we will guide you on how to trick […]

Introduction To Dating Scams

Unfortunately, online dating scams have increased over the last few years and are now a huge business. It is reported that people lost a massive 300 million in scams in 2020. These scams usually focus on women in their forties to fifties and either divorced or widowed. On many occasions, these dating site scams are […]

How To Be Aware of Tinder Scams?

Tinder scamming has increased in the last few years, with more con men than ever trying their luck. It is so important to keep yourself safe while online, and there are some tips to remember. A scammer on dating sites desires to make you send him money. To do so, they will come up with […]

Webcam scam

Originally, marriage agencies were designed so that women could find life partners, foreign husbands. And men, in their turn, could find wives. The agency acted as a go-between and helped both parties in their search. People got to know each other, met. At best, they got married. But scammers who have wormed their way into […]

Asian women scams

Asian women, Vietnamese, Thai, why do western men love them so much? First, these women are not as emancipated as in feminized countries, but they are not too shy either. They have a slender figure, gentle nature, classical vision of a man’s role and corresponding attitude towards him. When he sees her glance filled with […]

Russian Women Scams

Russian women scams The image of the Russian woman in the West has always been that of the perfect wife, beautiful and tender guardian of the hearth. At the same time, there is probably not a single country where they didn’t hear about Russian women dating scams. This is the romance scam that gained momentum […]