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Reasons Why You Should Date a Russian Girl

Why are more and more men dreaming about dating Russian women? Which factor attracts and excites them so much? Why are Slavic babes so beautiful and appealing to the whole planet? All over the world, the most popular, rich, and handsome men are striving to get crazy Russian girls. Men are ready to devote the entire life to these foreign queens. Moreover, the men who are dating Russian girl share that immediately after they met, they were ready to fight for these nice ladies.


To explain why these girls are so attractive both mentally and externally, we studied psychologists. The professionals have made captivating surveys in the field of Russian traditions and modern lifestyle, spending a couple of months there. The specialists have clarified the basic rules of Russian dating culture and relationship building. So, stay with us if you strive to learn more about the reasons to date Russian women. We are going to reveal many unexpected and captivating facts about these desired partners!

  1. Beauty is the very first thing that a foreigner associates with Slavic babes. Indeed, due to their talent and incredible appearance, many of them are in show business. For example, some Russian girls have become well-known actresses, models, musicians, designers and so on. Thus, you must surely know such stars as Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich and Olga Kurylenko who are all Slavic. Now they work with the most popular and creative directors, taking the main roles in the real cinema masterpieces. Speaking of models, who does not know about Natalia Vodianova, Eugenia Volodina, Natasha Poly, or Sasha Pivovarova? These wonderful ladies have conquered the world’s fashion podiums. Irina Shayk, a renowned Russian actress and supermodel, could win the heart of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper. And that is quite impressive!
  2. Crazy Russian girls are famous for incredible wittiness and humor. If you date Russian women, you can be sure that you will laugh out loud all the time! It should be noted that sometimes she starts generating typical Russian racist jokes and uses black humor. But it does not mean anything negative and offensive. She is just making fun!                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. In addition, they are positive people. She is trying to find advantages in the worst situation. It helps the beauties to keep their head above water under any conditions. They say these girls have a very strong spirit and could endure anything, sometimes even more than a brave man. Therefore, the humor is the power that helps them to survive whatever happens.
  4. Russian girls are very hard-working. It relates to both occupation and domesticity. Their houses are always clean and well-conditioned. Moreover, comparing Russian girls vs American girls, the first ones are in love with cooking. Of course, they will be glad to get your invitation to eat in a restaurant but staying at home and cooking a delicious dinner would be a great idea, too. To make a long story short, there is not a better housewife than a Russian lady.                                                                       
  5. Now our experts are going to reveal what Russian girls like. They are very sensitive and gentle creatures who are in love with romantic movies and songs. Even if she says that she does not like such “girly” stuff, somewhere inside she appreciates it. Also, there is a very essential tip on how to date a Russian girl. These ladies love when you present them wonderful flowers. Indeed, the Russian dating culture assumes you will follow this tradition.
  6. Russian girls dating will be not only a wonderful partner but also a good friend. You will feel comfortable with her as she is always ready to listen to your thoughts. Really, her ability to understand your deepest thoughts and support in any situation makes her the very best partner ever. She is unlike any other girl in the entire universe.
  7. She is smart. We are not saying the women from other countries lack this feature, but Russian ones are intelligent. World-known Slavic scientists, mathematicians, and researchers that have made numerous discoveries in different fields and are the confirmation of this fact. It does not mean that all of them are in love with science. But you will be pleasantly impressed with her mental abilities.                                                                                     
  8. A very deep maternal instinct is a great trait. So, if you are looking for a future wife and mother of children, a Russian girl is an excellent example. A lot of Russian families could be the role models for other cultures. They are famous for their desire to be united, friendly, and just happy.
  9. Going for a romantic walk at 3 a.m.? Unexpected journey to another country? Swimming in the neighbor’s pool in the middle of the night? Easy! When dating Russian women, you will notice that they are little bit reckless. Crazy Russian girls love to take risks and show their brave side. So, that is why you will never feel bored with her. Unexpected surprises are guaranteed, and it is a part of Russian dating culture, too! This is a useful recommendation on how to date Russian girl: do not forbid her to do something she wants. Of course, she does not go too far with some mad ideas.
  10. Traveling and discovering new places is their passion. Speaking about the financial part, Russia is not a very rich country especially in the comparison with the European ones. Therefore, many girls rarely travel, but they strive to do it more. If you are interested in travel as well, choose a Russian girl as your grateful traveling partner.
  11. Honesty, kindness, and sincerity are taking the top positions in their mindset. So, they will not put up with lying, malicious thoughts, or cruelty. Therefore, dating a Russian woman imposes a responsibility for your actions. If you want to steal their heart, avoid the above-mentioned qualities. It is vital to point out, be true to yourself.                                           
  12. She will surely make you happy. Caring, warmth and lots of heartfelt love will make you the happiest men in the Universe. Slavic beauties are known for their deep dedication to their man and especially their kids. Endless hugs, kisses and pleasant words from the beauty’s lips sound so sweet!
  13. Russian chicks look gorgeous all the time! Yes, it is true that they spend hours in front of a mirror and spend lots of money for spa procedures. But on the other hand, her appearance is immaculate 24 hours a day.  Even if she works a lot and sleeps for 5 hours every night. What nation’s women can boast such a virtue? Only the Russian ones!
  14. Slavic babes are special. They have proved to the whole world that two incompatible things can be easily combined. It comes without saying that these ladies have ruined the myth that beauty and intelligence are not possible in one person. They are the bright example of wonderful and clever women. Therefore, dating a Russian girl is so amazing, interesting, and gives an unparalleled experience to any man.
  15. If you are afraid that you do not have a chance to conquer a Russian beauty, keep calm. According to the survey, most of them would be happy to have a relationship with a foreigner. In fact, it is hard to find a responsible and caring husband in their country. But all of them are dreaming about building a strong family with a husband and kids. That is why they prefer foreigners. So, do not be afraid that she will reject you. It is always worth trying!                                                                                              

So, that is how the educated experts in the field of Russian psychology describe a typical Russian girl. Indeed, they are well-known for their breathtaking appearance, cleverness, and sincerity! If you have been dreaming about such partner for years, try dating Russian women to get the best relationship experience of your life! Many men who have already tried this, share that Russian chicks are unique and even little bit exotic compared to an ordinary European or American.

To sum up, we hope that this blog post helped you to discover what are Russian women like, what they enjoy, and why they are worth dating. If you decide to try building relations with Slavic babes, there are a couple of recommendations from our love experts. Stay sincere, honest and kind. Never lie to her, respect her rights and support her in any situation. At the same time, be yourself because she will know the disappointing truth sooner or later. Having followed these simple rules, you will easily understand how to date Russian girl. Believe us, it is worth trying!


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