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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

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James Hanses (not verified)
I  have met Katya and she

I  have met Katya and she doesn't speak any English at all other than a few phrases - there is no way she ever chatted with you and there is no way she was complicit in this.    It is terrible that you have been scammed, but the way it works is that a site pays her and tons of other girls to send messages to fans.  I am sure she had no idea that you had spent any money on any of this.  I feel terribly for you and there is no question that you have been duped and scammed.  This has happened to multiple individuals over the years with all different models.  There is no question it is a scam.  Sites pay women to use their pics and the women are never compensated for any of this. I can almost guarantee you that she received none of the money from this endeavor other than a few hundred dollars for sending you some videos and pictures with your name on it.  She was also likely paid a few dollars for allowing the site to use pictures but without real knowledge of what they would be used for.   She 100% had no idea you were spending this money and definitely didn't benefit from it.


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