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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

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I like this page

Visitor fernando (not verified)
Incredible how some stupid

Incredible how some stupid and gullible men can still come up with this crap that the so called

ladies are unaware of these scams!! They may also be fans of this skank on instagram

or are drooling over her so much that they think theyre uncapable of doing any wrong.

so having a million or X amount of followers on social media automatically redeems you

of being a crook? Thats non sense!

enokaeva may have a sexy body or perfect round ass but that means nothing in

russia and ukraine. So do other millions and millions of other younh women. Well,

this one is not so young anymore and Tony was in a good age gap for her, but as long

aas there involved that means nothing to them and they will just want their 

payday and see you as a paycheck only.

i recently used whatsyourprice to meet a hot young woman from canada but after she

Got her money for the date she magically disappeared forever despite all her comments

of wanting to see me on a 2nd date, holding hands and even kissing each other.

Antony didnt even get that, as he never saw her in person. It also caused me a huge amount of

grief and confusion just as him. It is evident that he fell

in love with this character but they only care about the money disregarding any permanent

damage they may cause psychologically to the recipient of the scam.

I am still baffled about her conduct and the way she just ditched me like that.

these women have absolutely no heart at all and their only interest is the money

no matter What they have to tell you while you still think you have a shot at them!

My respects to Tony for coming out on youtube, showing his face and admitting he was

scammed and was a victim to these bastards(including her ofc). That also takes a lot

Of courage but it will help many others in this situation. 


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