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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

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I like this page

Visitor fernando (not verified)
Youre such an idiot! Seems

Youre such an idiot! Seems you never saw the testimonial of this scam on 

youtube!   You say you know her and you know 100% she isnt involved in this! Lol

I call you on your BS! She is in and as well as in many 

others. She IS being benefitted by this scam industry and if not her main source of

income it may very well be her secondary thats why you are confused as you think 

since she already has a job as a model... just the same mistake that Anthony made! LolYou call her Katya as if she is someone close to you. So who is she to you?

Anyway it doesnt matter as you can see on the testimonial, the videos she recorded

with this man's name, directly referencing Anthony and as he also says,

"damning herself" on being complicit to this scam. Case closed bozo



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