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Dating A Russian Woman Online: Pros and Cons

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Millions of men around the world dream about dating Russian girls. They are widely known for their breathtaking beauty and witty mindset. More and more of them are easily conquering Hollywood’s handsome actors. But what about relationships through the Internet? Dating Russian women has both pros and cons you must be aware of. How do they appear and act while dating online? What do men feel while chatting with Russian women? In this article, we’ll try to answer to these questions. Stay here to find out more.

According to the statistics, many men from European countries and the United States are dreaming about Slavic girls. But what exactly attracts them? What do they appreciate? What is the secret of their beauty? Let’s start with the advantages of dating Russian women online:

  1. First, Slavic women are some of the most attractive women. The men who visited Russia reveal that they fell in love several times. Beauties are everywhere, from cozy cafes to underground trains. It inspires a lot of passion. None of your friends will have such a seductive lover.
  2. They care and worry about their man. When dating Russian girl, you will feel a lot of attention and appreciation. She will ask about your day and show interest about your mood. And it really makes you the happiest man on the planet. In addition, lovely messages during the day are guaranteed.                                                                                                                                         
  3. She is not only your girlfriend, she is a great friend. Russian ladies are made not only to love you. Usually, their feelings are much deeper. Such a partner is always ready to listen to, support, and help, as with any good friend. The Russian dating culture is unlike any other.
  4. Their intellect is impressive. Many men, who date Russian women are amazed by their cleverness and wittiness. So, she will always keep the conversation going when chatting. Prepare yourself to laugh out loud at her stories and life situations. They always have something to share.
  5. They are very open-minded and easygoing. Most of all, you will feel very comfortable when chatting with her. She will easily come up with new ideas and topics while communicating.
  6. Dating Russian girls provides a lot of joy and makes your life much brighter. The reason for this is their excellent sense of humor. It should be noted that many of her jokes are sarcastic and maybe even abusing. But never mind because Russian girls are very kind and never strives to offend you.                                                                                                                              
  7. She’s a great housewife. Have you ever been to a Russian house? If your answer is no, let us explain. The average home in their country looks very well-conditioned because women take great care of it. In addition, a lot of them are quite altruistic and enjoy helping. So, you will feel all her caring and love.
  8. She is a professional chef. It is well-known that Russian girls start cooking from their teen years. With time, they improve their skills so much that they can easily create gourmet cuisine dishes. You will have a sweet life with them.
  9. They are so romantic and sentimental. She might have an extremely strong character but cry during a touching moment in a movie. When dating Russian women online, you will notice that they are so gentle and cute, just like a beautiful flower. With such girl, you start feeling responsible for her and want to protect your precious love. And that is an incredible emotion. 
  10. They are brave and unpredictable partners. If you date Russian girls, you will understand what we are talking about. Don’t be surprised when she suggests doing some crazy stuff. It is OK for them. So, your life will be very interesting with them. Unexpected things are guaranteed.                                                                                                                                                                        
  11. Russian ladies are very inspirational. There is something special in their appearance, words and even moves. It should be noted that a lot of songs and poems are devoted to them. In the Middle Ages, European artists created many masterpieces due to a Russian girl’s love and support. So, if you are a creative individual who lacks inspiration for making art, think about dating a Russian girl.
  12. They are amazing wives and mothers. Russians respect their families and do everything possible to keep their children happy. Therefore, if you are planning to find a wife from a foreign country through the internet, think about a Russian one. She will make your family incredible.
  13. Russian women are open for any ideas, even the craziest ones. They are in love with traveling and discovering new places. So, if you are the same, it is great. Although they love to stay home and cook tasty dishes for you, they are always glad to escape from reality, too.
  14. They love to work. While many European women prefer staying at home to care for kids, Slavic ladies work a lot to succeed. Thus, don’t be surprised if she runs a company or easily builds a career at an early age.
  15. Most have a calm temper. Therefore, you can be sure that there will not be many quarrels or conflict situations. They hate it, too.
  16. Russian girls prefer foreign husbands. Why? We will explain now. The point is that they often refuse to date Russian guys. Many of them are less responsible for families as compared to foreign men.                                                                                                                                                                           

Nevertheless, dating Russian women might be hard. Different cultures and methods of bringing up children have a huge influence on a personality. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Do you know how much time Russian girls spend in front of a mirror? They love to follow fashion trends and spend hours shopping. It comes without saying that many of them have fake eyelashes, hair, and nails. They constantly visit spa salons to look their very best. Unfortunately, sometimes they overdo this by chasing a false beauty and spoil their natural appearance. Many Russian girls have plastic surgeries to look better. In fact, they are trying to fit the standards, set by the society. Thus, if you meet two Russian women that look almost the same, do not be surprised.
  2. The language barrier is one of the most common problems with dating Russian women. Especially in the case of relationships online, it is not easy to communicate. Anyway, people will always find the way to say what they mean.
  3. Russian dating culture differs from yours. Some of her habits might seem weird and illogical for you. Similarly, your traditions can be unfamiliar to her. If you both are not very understanding people, you will face difficulties.
  4. As a rule, they are independent and self-sufficient. Indeed, Russian ladies differ from any other nation’s women by their strength and love of freedom. Therefore, their hearts are so hard to conquer. On the other hand, the men who are used to achieving their goals will be very interested in fighting for such partner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  5. Endless mental games. In fact, these women are like a riddle even for Russian men. It is known that their thoughts are impossible to predict. Moreover, they like to play games with you. But all these happen in her mind, so you do not even suspect! So, nobody says that life is easy.
  6. Strong character. Russian ladies are much stronger mentally than men. For some reason, this trait intimidates many foreign men and makes them feel insecure.
  7. Despite the fact mentioned above, many of them are not confident. When dating a Russian girl, you will notice this trait. They need a lot of support and protection to feel secure. Thus, these kinds of ladies are looking for a partner who would be a stone wall for them.
  8. The next point relates to you. Dating Russian girl will not be a pleasure all the time. Why? Most of all, you will be jealous quite often. Understanding that other men might flirt with your sweetie is hard. Remember they must be noticeable to others.
  9. Distance is a barrier that does not allow you to hug or kiss your love whenever you want. It is so sad sometimes.                                                            

To sum up, dating Russian woman online is worth it. When you start an Internet relationship with a Slavic girl, you will understand the huge difference. She is unlike any other girl in the world. These ladies are not easy to conquer, but it is this fact that keeps men very interested in their personality. You must find the right key to get her tender heart. It is not easy but very exciting and interesting.

Consider all these pros and cons and decide for yourself. Wondering how to date a Russian girl? You never know until you try. Why not chat with a nice lady that might become the love of your life? We wish you good luck happiness in your online love story!

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