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Dating A Russian Woman: Tips And Tricks

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It is not a secret that many men from all over the globe would like to try dating Russian women. The Slavic beauties are mentally strong, intelligent, and hard-working. But many men face difficulties when striving to steal their tender heart. Why does this happen? And how to avoid such troubles? The point is that Russian girls find it hard to be open-hearted with a potential partner, especially with foreign ones.

Therefore, we have interviewed the men who have a girl or wife from this powerful country. They revealed the secrets on how to date a Russian girl. In addition, they listed some tips & tricks on how to impress her every time. Are you interested in getting the most beautiful woman in this Universe? If so, keep reading our blog post!

To understand the legendary Slavic soul, you need to know more about what Russian women are like. Indeed, this nation is very enigmatic and interesting. Their characters have been formed through ages under specific historical events and cultural facts. Let’s start with the points that separate Russian ladies from ones of other nations. There are a couple of thoughts that will help you to understand their inscrutable image better:

●     The very first thing that we associate with them is the breathtaking beauty. Indeed, in comparison with girls from other countries, they devote a lot of time to their appearance. Moreover, they follow fashion trends and always strive to wear the very best clothes. They have a sophisticated taste, not only in fashion, but also in books, cinema, and other fields. It is well-known that their everyday look would be appropriate for a feast or holiday. So, do not even hesitate, because your lady will always look just perfect. None of your friends have ever had such a stunning baby!

●     They are educated, well-behaved and have highly developed personalities. They are not interested in feminism, which is considered a “disease” that has conquered European and American women.

●     She enjoys being the queen of the hearth. When looking for Russian girls to date, remember that she is not interested in other short-term relationships. They are very serious when it comes to dating. These girls perceive a man as a future husband and the father of their kids. They appreciate and respect the concept of family, home comforts, parenting and so on. So, if you do not want anything serious, you should search for another girlfriend.

●     Cooking is their passion. Since childhood, Russian girls have been enjoying the delicious dishes prepared by their mother or granny. They are accustomed to this tradition and can cook the real masterpieces as well as her female relatives. The foreigners who are dating Russian girls, share that they have never tried such delicious recipes. In addition, they keep their houses clean and well-conditioned. Russian women are really the perfect housewives.

●     Although Slavic girls are courageous and spiritually strong, they have a very gentle and touching soul, hidden somewhere inside. So, you never know her real thoughts. But if you manage to find the key to her heart, she will widely open her soul to you.

Despite all the above-mentioned descriptions, it is hard to understand the Russian nature. But what should you do if your dream is to date a Russian girl? How do you draw in and then retain their attention? Now we are going to teach you what Russian girls like, and which things are forbidden in their culture.

How To Make Her Smile?

●     Courage and boldness should be your best friends. First, you must remember that from childhood, Russian women are surrounded by courageous and strong men. Therefore, she wants to have that type of boyfriend by her side. The perfect partner for her would have confidence and be reliable. This is the real man who is ready to protect and support her in any life situation.

●     Intelligence is highly valued. The point is that many of these ladies have a profound education, well-developed way of thinking, and a broad mind. They are in love with reading and discovering something interesting. Thus, the Slavic girl is a wonderful companion. You will never feel bored with her. So, the intellect of a partner is an important indicator for them.

●     Romance is required. Indeed, these girls were brought up with romantic novels and breathtaking poems of legendary Russian writers. That is why they are always waiting for acts that show they are beloved, even if they do not specify this. So, it would be a great idea to add something unexpected to your relations, and your Russian girlfriend will lose her heart to you.

●     Show determination and firmness. As we know, in most European and American families, lovers have equal rights. In Russia, responsibility to make decisions is for the men, the head of the family. Of course, a wife can offer her opinion and recommend ideas, but the final decision is made by a man. Russian girlfriends want you to be determined, self-assured, and responsible for your words and actions.

●     Assist her. Although she is waiting for you to be the real man (strong, determined, brave), she also would be happy to get your help in the home from time to time. For example, help her to clean up, hammer a nail, or fix something. A partner would appreciate it a lot.

●     Generosity. As we have already mentioned, women from this country devote a lot of time and money to their appearance. Many men consider that spending to be an unnecessary thing. However, if you want to date Russian girls, prepare yourself for this fact. As we know, beauty requires sacrifice.

●     Neatness and cleanliness mean a lot. It is true that women pay particular attention to your appearance. The perfect man should look and smell good. So, the first impression is very important to them. As Russian girls look awesome all the time, they assume that their boyfriend would do the same. It does not mean that they choose only handsome men with a beautiful face. They pay more attention to the way you take care of your skin, body, clothes, shoes, and cologne.

●     Russian ladies love flowers. In some countries, this tradition is not kept, but in this one, a man always buys a bouquet of nice-looking flowers when going on a date. In addition, they present flowers for holidays or just without a reason.

What Factors Will Draw Them Away?

Of course, some of your actions can intimidate a lady. The point is that they are too sensitive to a man’s words and especially his promises. In order not to spoil your relations, note the next set of dating rules:

●     Stop being boring. Yeah, they hate it. If you do not know how to keep a conversation going, you probably do not have a chance to steal her heart. Remember that you are a citizen of another country and can tell her about your land. As a rule, Russian girls are very curious and love to learn new things. Also, stay sincere. Do not pretend to be better than you are.

●     Selfishness and narcissism? Taboo! We do not know how, but these ladies can easily identify an egotistical person in a crowd. And such men do not attract them at all. Nobody likes partners who are too talkative, especially if they talk mainly about themselves.

●     They are not a fling. Unfortunately, some foreigners are searching for a Russian chick only for one night, if you know what we mean. So, they will not like if you consider them only as a sexual object. They want to be special for a man. Therefore, one should treat a Russian girl as an individual who has her own desires and views on life.

●     Sweet lies are not the right way. Many Slavic girls were deceived by the man’s words about his wealth, royal houses, and popularity. They are often cheated by foreigners. When dating a Russian girl, never lie or cheat on her. It deeply offends her tender nature.

●     Indecisiveness and cowardice are disgusting. As mentioned before, Slavic ladies are used to being surrounded by mentally and physically strong men. They will not stand for a spineless person, who cannot be responsible for one’s actions and is afraid of making adult decisions. So, if you are like this, dating a Russian girl is not for you.

To sum up, we want to note that these ladies get numerous messages from foreign bachelors on international dating services. But it does not mean that they are ready to date everyone who promises lots of love and attention. By their nature, they are picky and serious when it comes to building relationships. We hope that this blog post helped you to with dating tips for a girl you have a thing for. If you are starting to date Russian girls, remember these simple but vital rules.

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