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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

File a complaint against a scammer to Ukraine Cyber Police

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The cyber police of Ukraine is a body of executive power charged with the function of detecting crimes in the sphere of high technologies. One of the directions of fighting against crime is also the fight against dating scams.The purpose of of fake international dating is the  obvious thirst for profit and earnings of easy money.

Ukraine's cyber police is interested in cooperation with victims who suffered from scams of Ukrainian scammers. If you became a victim of an international dating scam and transfer of money you made to the account of a citizen of Ukraine, let us know about this fact and we will try to help you. To conduct the audit, you should provide your message history with the scammer, send us picture including photos of the documents sent to you by the scammer, the details of the account your money was sent to. We are able to help you only in cases when the money transferred by you was withdrawn in Ukraine.

Please specify the full details of all transactions conducted. It is also important to provide your contact number in case of need for international legal cooperation.

Here’s the email to send information to: , send a copy to

Attention: some scammers pretend to be "interpol officers" and try to scam fraud victims for the second time. Be aware that police will NEVER ask you to pay any fees