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The First Online Date: How To Impress A Girl?

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If you are looking for first date advice to impress a girl, continue reading this blog post. Today, we are going to reveal the secrets of the good behavior needed for a successful date, captivating topics to talk about, and forbidden actions.

All the recommendations described in this text, are based on a survey made in 2018. Analyzing relationships online, researchers interviewed thousands of girls to discover what they liked and hated the most. Scientists in the field of human relations were amazed to find out that everything is easy and predictable. So, stay with us to learn how to have a good first date and please a lady. Let’s review some tips!

First Date Etiquette: The Key Rules 

In fact, the rules for dating online should not be different from meeting in real life. It is still very exciting and unpredictable. Preparing for this event, men are always struck with endless questions, which make them feel unconfident and nervous. They start looking for first date advice and solutions for the most common problems. How to talk to women online? Which topics are better to avoid? How do you act on a first date? What if she doesn’t like me? How can I stay calm and positive while chatting? Calm down! There is nothing to be nervous about. Just adhere to these tips.

Follow These 8 Tips for Online Dating to Make A Good Impression: 

  1. Be yourself. It is the most obvious first date advice for both men and women. Don’t try to be cool or better than you are. Anyway, she will discover the real you soon. So, don’t disappoint a lady and be as natural as possible from the very first online date.
  2. Be open-hearted and honest. Of course, nobody enjoys lies. Don’t make up stories showing you to be a hero.
  3. Be confident. Girls don’t like the men who seem to be weak and insecure. Remember that they are looking for a strong and self-reliant partner.
  4. Don’t be too insistent. Stop interrogating a girl who doesn’t want to answer confusing questions. Don’t hit on her too much on the first online date. It will intimidate and scare her off.
  5. Be easy-going. Your aim is to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere during your conversation. Avoid awkward silence.
  6. Be literate. Of course, chatting online, it is important to write according to general grammar rules. It should be noted that for some girls this is very essential criteria as nobody wants to converse with a man who makes foolish mistakes. It shows his ignorance.
  7. Listen to her. It is often said that women love to talk more than anyone in this world. So, let her do it. Do not interrupt a lady and stay attentive to her stories. Women will surely appreciate this advice.
  8. It is vital to chat about both of you. On the one hand, don’t talk only about your personal life. On the other hand, there is no point in asking her everything. Both of you must converse equally.                                                                                                                                                                                              

I Don’t Know What to Talk About: The Solution

Most men don’t know how to talk to women online and this is an ordinary situation. They become frightened when there is silence. Don’t panic, this problem is easily solved. We are here to give you advice.

On the first online date, you must discover more about the girl and her life. So, do not go too far and ask confusing questions. Share a little about your life experience and pay attention to hers. Ask unusual questions to find out more about her.

The best type of a question to ask is the one which involves a detailed answer. So, there is no use in asking ‘Yes/No’ questions as your conversation will look like an examination. And we are not looking for that.

To feel more confident, think beforehand what interesting things you might ask her about. In case you can’t come up with any, we are here to assist you.

Tips for Online Dating Conversation:

  1. Heartwarming memories from childhood is one amazing idea for the first online conversation. Ask about her parents, school, first friends, the most memorable days and so on.  
  2. The next topic includes talking about outside interests. It is the most common topic that can connect people. Tell her about your hobbies, too. It is a great theme to discuss.
  3. People. By analyzing human nature, behavior, the positive and negative sides of a topic with her, you will understand what kind of person is sitting on the other side.
  4. Traveling. It is rare to find a person who doesn’t like exploring the world. So, discuss the countries and places you have been and which ones you want to visit. You can chat for hours about that.
  5. Discuss your favorite movie, music, TV show, etc. According to the statistics, people who enjoy the same tastes find it easier to understand each other. So, it is worth checking the partner’s tastes.


Here is one more tip for the first date. If you are too nervous, just imagine the conversation in your head. Create an approximate scenario of your dialog, think about the words you will use and even write down ideas. Such a trick will help you calm down and stay more attentive during the first online date.

Taboo Topics: Avoid Confusing Questions 

  1. No political, religious and national themes.
  2. Don’t ever mention her ex-boyfriends, the reason for breaking up, or other questions related to it.
  3. It is forbidden to talk about diseases and health problems as it is quite impolite.
  4. What is your salary? This is one of the most awkward and ill-bred questions.
  5. How many children do you want? Such things will intimidate your partner on the first online date. It is too personal.
  6. Questions related to her loneliness or the absence of love partner will make her feel confused. Moreover, it can deeply offend her feelings.
  7. Intimate questions. There is no place for such a topic on the first online date.


How to Understand That Girl Likes You? 

This first date advice explains the partner's thoughts about you. As a rule, girls rarely take the initiative. Since women can be hard to read, men feel unsure about their intentions. As women usually hide their feelings, it is hard to understand what they have in their mind. Anyway, psychologists highlight some tips on how to reveal the woman’s attitude towards you.

So, first, the girl shows her interest by asking numerous questions. This means she wants to find out more about your character, lifestyle, hobbies, and beliefs. You seem to be a good person for her.

Secondly, a girl wants to interact with you. She takes an active part in the conversation, gives detailed answers to your questions, and helps to avoid confusing silence.

Next, she is joking and making fun, trying to show her excellent sense of humor. If she hints that she would like another online meeting, you are lucky! So, don’t be blind and pay attention to what a woman says during the first online date.    

Bottom Line 

Of course, meeting someone online is a very exciting and delicate thing. Men should stay well-mannered because it is very easy to hurt someone’s feelings. Thoughtless and harsh words may make her upset for a long time. Unfortunately, you can’t see the girl’s face via chat on the Internet, so her reaction is almost always a secret for you. Therefore, be sure to notice her state of mind and ask simple but important “How are you?” and “How was your day?” questions. Show that you really care.

We hope that after reading this article, you will understand how to act on a first date and make a good first impression. Stay gentle, attentive, and try to interest her. Avoid confusing questions, like the ones we mentioned and try your best to impress her. Keeping the conversation going is not so hard as it seems to be.

The target of any date is to attract a partner and move to the next step. Therefore, if the first online date is successful, the second one is inevitable. Do your best to show your strengths, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your weakness. You are a human being who must be truthful and open.  

We want to wish you good luck. Show respect to the girl, stay confident, and adhere to this first date etiquette to succeed.

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