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What are the best ways to start a conversation with a Russian woman?

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Mark Healy
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What are the best ways to start a conversation with a Russian woman?

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Russian women very much like having a strong man's shoulder to lean on and a reliable man to rely on to take care of everything. If you are a confident, serious and courageous man, you are likely to win his heart. They really like it when a man is brave in front of others, but kind and gentle with her; and of course, the hearts of women are full of romance but they are not naive.

manassero davide
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Online dating is intriguing and exciting, but it can never replace an offline connection. When discussions on the Internet take you to the next level, you must show initiative and invite her to a real meeting. Given the distance, one of you will have to walk it. Now we are faced with the question: should it be her or you? Well, it mostly depends on the complete situation. Usually it is not so easy for Ukrainian women to travel abroad. If you live in France or in the EU, your girlfriend must obtain a visa for a trip, which means a mad paper hunt. Another obstacle may be costs. By the time you decide to meet her offline, you will likely be aware of the salary differences between Ukraine and Western countries. Finally, your girl may just be nervous about going too far from home. That’s why we suggest you go to Ukraine. In this case, you will not only meet your love but you will also visit his motherland by yourself.

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I think one thing you need to know to be successful with girls from Eastern Europe is that they don't usually just want to have sex. Not that they don't like it, in fact most of them turn out to be super hot in bed. On the other hand, romance means a lot to them. If you are really interested in finding a perfect Slavic girl for you, you should know her as close as possible. Communication is in fact the central element of any good relationship between people. The rule is therefore quite simple: talk to her. Ask her to tell you about his country of origin, its culture and its language (learning foreign traditions is really incredible). Express your appreciation for their enthusiasm and family (because Russians generally love their loved ones). Discuss literature, cinema and news from around the world - anything to arouse his interest. Of course, don't forget to tell her about yourself too.

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Once you come to a Russian dating site, you need to create a profile that will draw the attention of women to your personality. You may have heard that Russian society appreciates the concept of so-called “traditional” gender roles, when a woman takes care of household problems and raises children, and a man earns money. money and order his loved one what to do. In truth, you don't have to be an alpha male to attract Russian girls. What they like about men is being assertive and decisive, but not aggressive. At the same time, the right person should always seek the advice of his partner and allow her to make the final choice. By writing about yourself, show your potential girlfriend that you are exactly what she is looking for. Don't lie, but don't focus on your weak points either: find the middle ground. Talk to him about your male hobbies and life goals; add a photorealistic of yourself.

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In reality, some Russian women like to seem inaccessible. So have enough patience and don't give up on it. Sometimes an awkward moment helps you start the conversation. So, don't make the Russian woman ignore you, but keep things positive and help her out of this awkward situation. Don't make fun of her unless you see that she's okay with laughing at the awkward situation that has happened and you think it will be appropriate.

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Don't start the conversation as if you want to befriend her. Your goal is different, so start with a compliment. This will assure her that you love her and that you are interested in her as a woman. Avoid the friends area. Let your Russian wife know that she means more to you than others. Do not start the conversation with questions about the issue of his relationship with a boyfriend. Don't ask, "How's it going with your boyfriend?" This sound is too loud for her.

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Start the discussion with simple, natural observations. Russian women like to talk to men who start the conversation. The fact is that Russian women get nervous too. Just be yourself, but don't be too self-assured or arrogant, or your Russian wife won't even speak to you. Show her that you are a nice man and a deep thinker. All of your compliments will be helpful if she believes you are a good speaker. If so, she will try to push you away. Positive!

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Be a good grateful listener. The more you listen to your interlocutor, the more the speaker speaks to you and confidence builds up. She opens up to you, shares something important.

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