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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

pay per letter dating

I like this page

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Online MGTOW community is right.

I had a world class education, street education. I now know about pay per letter dating sites. I am naïve.

I whent over dozens of the letters and the evadice is every where, "tell us" 

It is not the first time I have been fooled. I wish I could say it would be the last.

Yesterday I was a fool and today I am wise.


I will still be going to Ukraine for the maximum about of time under its visa laws. I was only going for a week or two.

I may even buy an apartment building before I go, to use while I am there. I will have a firm rent this for me.

A country side house would cost me less then a two week payckeck. 

Jump 4 love:

go date now

are the same company, I think there is a dozen or more.

Chaz (not verified)

I am relieved I am not the only person fooled by the pay per letter scam.

I tried numerous times to have "her" go to Skype, but "she" said it did not work on her phone.

My last resort was going to the address given as her address by the agency: I was informed that

there was no-one living there of that name, after arriving  in Kiev at 11:00pm and ringing a door buzzer.

I requested J4L to provide details of where she lived, as I actually received these details in March.

Strange then suddently she had moved in March and "forgot" to update the details.

"Her" phone number is blocked from non-Ukrainian number, so no calls.  I sent texts, which I know she would

have received details my email address, and phone number.

All I get back is yet another J4L message saying she is crying because I have not messaged.

I already told "her" I am not paying for any further J4l credits - in fact - I cannot.

So, the admin of J4L (Norman) said (and I have the email); they would send my details to her agency, and inform

her of my situation.  

But still "she" tries to get me to buy J4L credits.

I have decided to try to forget this episode, nd out it behind me.

I did mention that if she was reakky interested, then email or text me on the details I have given.

Thank goodness I did not end up too far in debt - although it is more than enough debt for me at any time.

I now have to find a way to earn and save whilst in Poland, to save for my return to the UK as soon as possible.


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