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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Is Victoriabrides a scam site?

I like this page

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A stunning Ukrainian girls is sending me messages on this site but I'm a bit suspicious as our age difference is 25 years.

Pangloss (not verified)

They're all scams.  What beautiful, young woman wants to come live in Kansas with a fat, middle aged guy?  

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Scam. victoriabrides wants your money. I left shortly after joining when I saw that it was a scam. I continue to receive pop-up messages telling me that a girl wants to meet me. I asked them to stop sending them several times, but they continue to send them.

de donder
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Scam! Scam! Scam! It's a racket from Monet, the translators chat with you, not with the women, just to take money from you, don't use it! Very bad price and scam. No effective controls and you are alone if there is a problem being ripped off or misled. Enticing cruelty is inflicted on those who trust images, letters and the chat. I assume authenticity on no more than 10%. Evil triumphs once again!

Miau barnaure
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Fake website was loading fake photos stolen from all over the net. They have site staff chatting with you - which is why you will never have a real date with these hotties in the photos. It took me a long time to figure it out and find a site that worked for me: - all the girls I met there turned out to be real. I fell in love with one of them and I met her for real. This would never have been possible on Victoriabrides: the odds are against you when you try to work with these scammers.!

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Victoriabrides works on pay-per-letter basis, so there is a lot of attractive beautiful "girls", which are ruled by money-making agencies. 

I tried this one, have created account there and in just few minutes my inbox was full of invitations from women 25-40 yo, and I'm 63!

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Ekaterina Enokaeva is now on several other dating sites. All these scammers have profiles on many different sites. I confronted one and she told me that she is not on any other sites. So I had my friend send write to her on the other website where she said she had no idea who I was. This was after she promised to marry me and have received a second wedding ring.

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Major scams.  Be careful letting the women whose photos they use off the hook. I was scammed out of over $300,000 by Russian model Ekaterina Enokaeva. When I got suspicious I demanded photos, videos, and phone calls. All of which she readily provided. It was only after I hired a private detective that I found out that she had many of her friends taking turns pretending to be her keeping me on line 12 to 15 hours a day. Buying those credits and those silly kiss stickers. I bought her every present on that site including two wedding rings.  Every time I bought her something a photo was sent of her holding up the gift. Trust me, those models are involved. A private investigator I paid found out that they get 50% of the money that we spend on the site for using thier images and sending what is requested. They all have verified profiles also

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I came to Kiev based on her asking me to, and her expressions of love were just another way to scam me.


As far a money is concerned, she lied in her professions of love, and adoration for me, and got me to send her $2,500. I can prove the money was sent based on Western Union's web site, which shows her receiving it.


She encouraged me over and over to come see her, then she finds every excuse why she can't meet. The airfare was $1,600 and the hotel was $2,000. Other expenses were at least $1,000.


A letter I wrote Veronakilove


To Veronikalove:


Re: Anastasia Shandra Aleksandrovna—Scammer and Liar( a model in Cherkassy)



To whom it may concern,


You can consider this a formal compliant and accusation against Anastasia #277,170, from Veronikalove, for scamming, and intentionally encouraging me to come to Kiev to meet her, when she had no intention of meeting me.


I have known this horror of a human being since the beginning of 2018. About four months later, I wrote that I saw no future between us, therefore why keep writing. She replied that she wanted to keep writing, and two months later, she wrote that she got drunk one night, and realized that she had much stronger feelings for me then she thought. However, after two more months, she wrote letters that were totally different, and it was obvious she no longer wanted to write. I really did not care and I quickly forgot her.


Then out of nowhere, she starts writing again December, and claims that it was just a misunderstanding between us. It took no time before she was saying she loved me, most recently, she adored me, and I was the nicest person she ever met.


Months before she wanted to move out on her own and she could not afford to. Now she starts talking about it again and she needs $ get her own flat. Then shortly after, she says how sad it is that she has nothing except the bear minimum to live on, again I was soft hearted, and sent another $500. and another $5,00. Then believing she loved me, I sent a $1,000 for Woman”s Day and her birthday.


However, I have an email from her asking for $800. to buy a fitness watch. So, I did not just give her all this money, she asked for it.


I offered to send her $500, then another $500. but in an email sent directly to me, she wanted $650. because she claimed that she wanted buy a gift that would be for both of us. Since she never intended to meet me, this was just one more lie, in the dozens of lies she told me.


She encouraged me to come to Kiev for two weeks. She said she needed to get used to being with me, and she only needed a room for two nights, then we would stay together,

She was supposed to come Saturday, but she overslept, and missed her bus. Well, since all the buses from Cherkassy to Kiev are in the afternoon, it seems impossible to miss a bus.


Then she said she couldn't come Sunday, there were no buses, another damned lie. Then Monday, she wrote at 7:00AM that she was going to catch her bus. At two in the afternoon, she wrote that the bus broke down, and she couldn't come, and now I knew the game of lies she was playing.


She gave me her phone number to call her and a recording said the number was not in service. I asked the desk clerk, Yulia at the Encore Hotel, to call the number, and she got the same recording.


Extremely Important:


I asked Nastya about her phone number and she swore it was right. She even accused me of not knowing how to dial her number. So, I thought now that she is not coming, I will try her number. When I did, her phone was no longer turned off, and she answered. I said her name twice and she hung up.


This one action of answering and hanging up the phone proves everything I have said is true.



I gave Nastya the hotel number but after 15 months she was too shy to call me. This is such a lie of enormous proportions, I could not believe it. If she ever meant one word she told me, a simple call could have fixed everything, but she did not want to see me, or talk to me.


In fact, when I still believed her last weekend (the 23rd) , I asked if she was really coming, and she said yes. So, I paid to upgrade to get a suite, and lost another $500,


In total, the room cost $2,000. The airfare was $1,600. Then to make it even worse, I picked a hotel at the edge of Kiev, which meant I had no place to go.


Two weeks of lies then boredom.


She could have said don't come yet. She could have found a reason to get angry at me and stop writing, yet she played this game right until the end, and I lost $2,500. to her, at least $4,000 in a wasted trip, and an incredible amount on letters because she would write one sentence, and send it as a letter. I have spent at least $2,000 writing a scammer from Veronikalove.


She is not just a scammer, who lies once to get money. This is an ongoing pattern of behavior, which is no longer a simple scam, this is out right thief, and I will find an attorney in Cherkassy, and ask them to contact the local police because she has now become a thief.


I can make this letter a ten page history but these are facts. You don't have to believe me, but you sure can read her letters to me, especially the last two weeks. In addition, I also have emails that were sent directly between us to prove what type of person she is. She wants you to believe she is this sweet young girl, however a sweet, young, shy girl doesn't put videos of herself in her bra and panties in her profile, nor does she send me nude photos of herself.


Don't fall for this innocent shy girl routine.


I know already she will deny any responsibility, however before you do, you might check to see the tens of thousands I have spent on this site over seven years, because if I don't get any compensation, I am off this site quicker then you can blink.


Everything she said was lies and you are responsible to reimburse me for all I spent on our letters.


There is a site to meet Chinese girls and I went to meet one. Within days, she asked me to give her $30,000 and to stay with me a month. I wrote the website, and I only had one really damaging letter, however she was instantly thrown off the site, and I received a $3,200 refund for letters and chat.


You have a choice, repay me for all my correspondence with her, and other damages, and delete her profile, or I am gone, and you make plenty off me.


If someone asked me if I thought Nastya would spend a month with me for the right price, I would say yes, but that is just my opinion based on our recent history.



visitor (not verified)

Yes and No. 

My experience,  Victoriabrides/VictoriaHearts is a scam. BUT, some girls

are seriously looking for true love. Just have to do more research outside of 

the site.

I received tons of mail and messages. I mean like 30 in a single day. 

but, I dug deeper. Google image some photos, and search their names to be found 

on social networks like FB and VK and contacted these girls on social networks. 

NONE, of the girls I contact used the dating site...and they were paid to have their

photos used. With that said, the site is a scam! However, I did built good relations

with some of the girls who photos were used, just the fact I communicated with them 

on other social networks. 

LeBroc (not verified)

Yes I agree! I did find out after I idiot spent over 4k! The same girls over more that two years! It is not possible that so pretty girls will stay for such a long time alone! Hmmm, people larn by own mistake but my mistake was very expensive!
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Do you want to check how real the Slavic woman you communicate with? Write to us!

John Franks (not verified)

YES, YES, YES Victoriabrides and same company Victoriahearts are major scams. They own other sites too with same girls.

They say its a dating site with young woman wanting to marry foreign men but they never leave site as they get paid to talk to the men.

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