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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

I like this page

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In may 2nd 2019 i recived a letter from a lady on ukrainianfiancee website, Margareth lady No. 375 that wanted to corrispond with a man for relatinship, we started to write to each other and chat through this web site, cause they dont let you have a direct contact but as they stated the agency only through their translator, but they give you a chance to Exchange contacts only via skype video chat that also has a cost as you could see on their site. I have requested the lady to have a video chat in order to see her and Exchange contacts, she told me in june, in june i have requested her several time if we could video chat but my request was not even answered, that already gave me some suspicion, while our comunication continued i decided in agree with the lady to come to Ukraine and meet her, on the 4th of july 2019 i was writing a letter to her, cause you can write her only through the site, but suddendly she was online, and told me that she was there to write me to dont worry i would not hear from her for a while, cause she was going to a nail artist course, and that when she will be back we would arrange for my visit to Ukraine, suddendly on the online ladys that want to chat it appered a profile with suspended lady, how you can have a lady online when she is suspended? then i contacted the manager of the datin agency to arrange my visit as they offer packages but told me that whas on vacation till today. That got me more suspicious the lady goes away the same time that the agency manager goes on vacation? If you have a bussines you Always keep it open especially a family bussines, and the site also no lady was online.So i decided to investigate, and i did find the lady name and pictures in social network, but i see that is few years she has not be online in several different social network. So i decide to contact few of her friends that she has on Instagram, one told me its few years she does not have any contacts with her, but the lady send me a picture with her and this friend, the second one surprised me cause she told me that this girl Margareth is several years working for agency and asking foreigners to send money, and also told me that she has not contact with her parents and that they dont agree with what she is doing, and that is the contrary of what she told me. I went to check some scam report site and there is people stating that they have bean scammed by UFMA, also there are messages of people stating that they are not scammers and had wonderful experience, i also try to verify to profiles they state that, but you cant not find nothing and that is also strange cause if your active on internet you can Always find a trace, so i belive those profile in favor of the company are made up! So basically you spend a lot of money for correspondance with out really have a chance to see this girls, and if one read carfully their conditions on the site can understand its a total scam. The girls name is Rita Milshina or Рита Мильшина, if you need more proof i can send a scren shot of her friend statement that she is frauding foreigners on the site.
Steffan (not verified)

I only joined coz it was an email invite.

About 3 mths ago.

There were lots of intro letters that were free. Many had the same format. Probably a template and then insert the appropriate name.

Same style. I had about 24. Same style in about 11.

Also lots asked if I wanted to meet in Ukraine. BUT my profile clearly says I live in Odessa. Some asked what my job was. Again my profile gives a detailed account.

Some said life is tough in Ukraine but I can assure you mostly it's not.


Leave it there!


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Yes. I registered my account there few days ago, and wondering if this site is legit. Can somebody share their experience?

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Which one, Ukrainianfiancee?

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Are they pay-per-letter?

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Ukrainedate com is the same. I just don't know how to create separate topicInnocent

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looks like typical matchmaking site. I used it, they charge you for every sneeze...

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