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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

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Ukrainedate ? spoke to her for about month. She said her English is not great. I said well plenty of translators. She said no don’t translate Ukraine /Russian correctly. She sent me email later that day asking me to go to I said I cant use this site for cost ect ect. She made it feel like we had connection. Everything felt to good to be true I geuss. Nice lady great photos everything to do with Food cheffing , food , passion ect. Just like as if everything someone who works as chef is looking for in lady. So I stayed I noticed about 2 months in something was little strange she worked as florist but gone to Germany and prague and Poland, and I think that’s when I was like how do you do that on florist wage and ring was on her finger in 2 of the photos. So I used Yandex image search. And found her Facebook and Instagram ( I found her first on VK Russian Facebook )

Her photos are some what same to photos she sent me. But soon as I asked her about facebook she deleted most of the information on facebook. Since Vk is not blocked this is the information I can give but I don’t know if its real or not Darya Bondarenko


Current city:


she has a sister or something to called Mila but I think she is fine.  ♡ Instagram: mllbond ♡

but no ones touched Vk since its banned in Ukraine.
but facebook one has no information on it.

I sent message to her friends found 3 people From Vk including one person who was or is in relationship with her asking if she worked as florist. And if they know her. Not a single person got in contact with me.

just message from the agency 15th of June ( I was flying from Australia to Ukraine so didn’t get message till Sunday 16th of june and felt like really stupid person out side the agency address no one knew anything about agency or seen any model looking people enter or leave the building )  saying that I am a maniac, and that I ruined her life and everyone knows she is on this siste and Poltava is small city and everyone knows everyone. ( I find this funny since 300,000 people is small to her ) when in Australia we have towns of 1500 people. 

anyways kept talking with her as I had package with uadreams and could not cancel for what ever reason so I deiced to just come as I had meeting. She agreed to meet but the address was empty building number seem to get in me in contact with an American speaking person. I got friend to call agency to ask them about it they said that the man didn’t know I was coming or that I was coming to Ukraine.

I went looking for her. To see if anything was real.  She worked in mail as post lady or mail service 4 years ago , worked as florist 3 years ago.
few people said she is married.
few people said she moved.
few people said that she is real. But wouldn’t give me name and some how got my phone number. I found that a little strange.
few people said she worked as florist and that after noon I got mail from agency saying to stop hunting her or looking for her.

I am little shocked by this because she had planty of time to address me and say I don’t want a meet. After this I tried to delete account it is not deleted I still get bombarded with emails. Mainly from some other lady who I spoke to once.
none of the videos have voice chat its all Video ( like webcam with out sound you type message and she or a translator types back. ) this is part of the reason why I sent message to her friends
people I sent message too are following.
Вероника Гунченко
Вадим Гунченко
Сергей Кучеренко  this guy in vk has photo of her very close photos of her. Maybe relationship at some stage or still.
Виктор Бондаренко
not even her father or husband or what ever he is contacted me.

I found it more strange 2 weeks in Poltava as not a single soul contacted me accept one man came and told me to stop looking for Daria.
but by this stage I was just trying to enjoy rest of my trip.
make best of the bad situation and work it out when I am in my own country.

so I have asked for request to see who knows her or if its scam or if she works for the company or not.
I looked at her Instagram once since I came back I found it interesting that a lot of the photos agency sent me are from 2-3 year years ago.  Maybe 3 from this year. A few of them are taken in khakiv- khakov  and few are taken out side of the Ukraine so not 100% sure where but after looking at Instagram I can say that it was in germany ( I also noticed at top of Uadreams it has German flag ) and they have a ATM transaction from lanarshire GB ( UK )  uadreams ( from atm ) of my card $180 happened while I was still in Ukraine.

at moment all cards are blocked im in about $14,000 debit with one of my banks due to this stupid site.
could have been a lot worse so in away im happy. And I know truth but still.  This here below is photos of what ever I had and a lady who looks very much like Daria in away.  But different name and living in Kyiv. From miss Ukraine.

hopefully its enough information for you as its all I have I don’t have any transactions invoice from company just payments taken for services I guess that in end didn’t get anything what so ever.
even the lady her self wont reply on facebook or vk. And since I have no number never heard her voice.  I am somewhat frustrated and personally my trust in online dating is very low now.

but thank you very much for your helpful assistance. 

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