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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Ukraine Brides Agency scammers

I like this page

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Hello. I met a woman on Ukrainebrides, everything seem to be nice, but she never gave me neither her phone number, nor email and other contacts. Also she had never sent me any videos. I googled some of her profile pics and found "her" instagram - different name, age and person at all! 

It looks like someone stole pictures and created fake account.

Guys, don't trust this site, it just wants your money

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I've done a few online reviews of Ukraine bride agency .com. What I discovered is that there are women that will post their profile with other websites or sometimes they left that online agency and they kept her profile and changed it. The best thing is to do is to get the woman to chat with you via camera and to obtain her contact of oranrion via Skype or Viber or some other APP so that you have direct contact with her instead of going through a website. That will take time and meanwhile you might find yourself "feeding the machine/website" until she feels comfortable to communicate outside. These online agencies or in person services in Ukraine really push women not to disclose their personal information until they are certain. These women also have to deal with men asking for personal or intimate photographs of them as well. It's a delicate balance and a man must be willing to be a bit more patient. The women also need to understand that the man is also paying and spending his time accessing the website just to talk with her. Good luck with's truly tiring!!!

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yup, unbelievable, but true

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This is very interesting story, as I found on that site a woman on whom I'm  married now... 

Maybe, I'm just lucky :) 

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