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What is maximum age difference in a couple?

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Some concerns hunt me down... I am 54 yo gentleman looking for marriage in Ukraine. Manager from Paradise date told me 

that age doesn't matter at all. Is that true? 

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The ideal is less than 10 years. But make sure you are sure of what you want and that he, too, have the same desires and the same expectations from each other and it will only work!

Full of happiness to your possible future couple ❤️

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Hello. Are there couples with age differences here? I am 25 years difference with my boyfriend he is 50 and I am 25 years old it is going very well and we are a normal couple not to mention the difference. I seek to discuss with couples in the same situation as me because I would like to patage my history to edify some.

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Good evening @anonyme An age difference does not shock me, because my parents are 15 years apart and have been married for 39 years!

I think the most important thing, however, is that you and your friend have the same expectations, the same values and the same outlook on life and things. If you get along well and in the end, each of you wishes to commit to a serious relationship, then the age difference does not matter!

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It depends on your and her personality. 

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I would love my man to be 5-7 years older than me

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As for me, +\- 7-10 years range is perfect

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