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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Why scammers ask to transfer money through Western union?

I like this page

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Peter Green
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Hi guys? Does anyone happen to know why Russian scammers often ask to transfer money via Western Union or similar ?













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Western Union's payment system is acclaimed by many scammers on the internet because it allows cash withdrawals and in a relatively anonymous manner. As a result, he has earned a very bad reputation among individuals.

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Unfortunately, you cannot always get your money back if you have been scammed, especially if you have remitted money or if you have paid through a bank transfer service such as MoneyGram, PayPoint or Western Union. All of these services provide advice on how to avoid fraud and scams. So it's a good idea to read their tips to protect yourself from future scams of this type.

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unbelievable... However, sometimes you can find something you're looking for in very different places. 

Michael 221
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I had almost the same situation, but suddenly she was real. Tatiana asked to borrow her $100 to buy tickets, gave me her credit card details. And we met in few weeks in Manchester, plus to it she paid her debt.

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Probably because they get money in cash, so there's no way back for your money.

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IDK for sure... Never happened to me before

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When sending money via western union bank, you can stipulate certain requirements from the recipient, ie they need to produce photo id and obviously the pick up reference number, but more important passport and photo I’d 

then you tell western union bank that’s the requirements for the funds to be released 

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Scammers if reported can be black listed at western union & they will recieve no more future transfers

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Sure like any other scammers know that once money is received through Western Union or MoneyGram it’s theirs there is no getting your money back.

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