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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

I like this page

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Recently I joined looking for a partner in Ukraine. What I found after writing to over 40 ladies on the site that while we men have to pay for each email contacts and video they get it free.

The site buys photos from different agencies for young pretty models including selves and looped video recording from any lady wishes to sell her photos .uses them to write to any potential dating men and uses the selfies and the videos to intice them to buy credit. None of the forties were willing to prove their identity. Many excuses always asking you to chat on the site and when writing 15 emails to each lady you either get no contact details because of some cock and bull story or a phone number that don't exist. after a fortune, I decided to let others know so nobody hopefully will go through what I went through.

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Then you're just lucky, man. As they are typical pay per everything matchmaking site. 

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C'mon, is good site, guys. I found there a woman, and we're dating for 9 months! 

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Bigall, this it typical scheme of fraudulent sites, which are everywhere. Only one option to verify agency is to ask for proof of girl's identity.

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