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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

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Recently I joined looking for a partner in Ukraine. What I found after writing to over 40 ladies on the site that while we men have to pay for each email contacts and video they get it free.

The site buys photos from different agencies for young pretty models including selves and looped video recording from any lady wishes to sell her photos .uses them to write to any potential dating men and uses the selfies and the videos to intice them to buy credit. None of the forties were willing to prove their identity. Many excuses always asking you to chat on the site and when writing 15 emails to each lady you either get no contact details because of some cock and bull story or a phone number that don't exist. after a fortune, I decided to let others know so nobody hopefully will go through what I went through.

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Hey Bigall, buying contacts seems to be the norm in many similar websites like, victoriyaclub, golden bride and bride forever.

they have this stupid requirement of 15 letters to "buy" the ladies' contacts which is nonsense and they should permit you to get it at any stage of the communication, even if it is more costly or if the fee is higher. You have to go through all thier hoops.

here is a guy who says it worked for him. Well, theynhave to throw in a couple of real ladies for good measure of course.

in my case i was scammed by ladadate. Letter wrote and chatted with about 15 women there and none of them were real or serious ladies.

How did I stay that long you might ask? Well, acttually one of the first ones i was correponding with seemed so real that

i thought: well, even if the other ones are fake, then it all be worthwhile because I found this special one! This unicorn!

but then reality struck me when after investigating her closely i found out she is either married or has this relationship with some 

rich motherfucker in kiev. There was also another one i was corresponding with at the same time almost and same problem,

in a relationship with a stripper guy for about 2 years! The others were either like ghosts with no

social media or wouldnt even reply a hello on their social media. I still had about 2 or 3 ladies i was corresponding with on that site in the process of getting to know

but after experiencing such great failures im almost sure they were scams also as the other 12 i corresponded with were absolute fakes!

when you buy contacts on sites like these they DO give you her real name but the contavts are bogus. Non working numbers, fake email addresses, fake physical addresses and such.

the only phone call i had was with this woman from kharkov who soon disappeared and who probably just gave me a 2nd burner number! Dont waste your money,

instead use it to buy a plane ticket to Kiev and meet the real ukraine that way. 

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Then you're just lucky, man. As they are typical pay per everything matchmaking site. 

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C'mon, is good site, guys. I found there a woman, and we're dating for 9 months! 

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Bigall, this it typical scheme of fraudulent sites, which are everywhere. Only one option to verify agency is to ask for proof of girl's identity.

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