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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

How to quickly recognize a Russian scammer.

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nicolas burner
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No. Some of these false relationships can last for years. They will search for gold among tens of thousands to find some gold coins. It used to be easy to just use Google phrases - criminals often reuse them - but now it is less so. They get smarter and stronger every year.

I recommend

1. take an impromptu Skype video call. If they are a different person than their profile picture, be careful!

2. If the person has a Facebook profile with 10 friends, it is also a dead gift. Who has only 10 friends on Facebook?

3. Listen to your instincts. In general, I recommend that people chat for a short while and then switch to video chat anyway. Either way, it generally saves less time. I don't think anyone should spend more than half an hour on communication without making an actual video or chat.

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Before it was easier - not now. If scammers have arrived on a dating site, it's because the profile seems normal. All dating sites must remove and combat fraud. It's just part of the business. The line of communication is the gift. If they want you to leave the dating site as soon as possible - and communicate via email, for example - that's a sign.

The crooks are playing luck. They look for signs of gullibility among people who are likely to save money. They are more likely to make an act of faith. Older women because it is difficult to find an older gentleman. People who are generous, vulnerable, of faith and who fight the bad odds of finding a partner are ideal. So if your profile hints at any of these, you're more of a target. Ask a friend to examine it.

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I know the story of a woman who after a long conversation with her correspondent, decided to go to the country of the gentleman to meet him. The man therefore recommends that he use the service of a travel agency which offers very good conditions for the organization of a trip abroad. When this agency received money for the organization of the trip, the agency and the man disappeared. Therefore, you have to be very careful, especially not to trust from the first meeting. It is obvious that in most cases it is just a scam.

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The scammers plan to visit, but they always cancel due to an "emergency".

If an online lover plans to visit but still seems to change his plans at the last second due to a traumatic event, family tragedy or loss of business, you should be very wary. Often, their cancellation will be accompanied by a short-term loan request. Look for someone who says something like, "I really want to meet you, but I can't buy a plane ticket right now because of x. If you buy me a ticket, I will refund you! I want to just be together. "

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You must obtain as much information as possible about a person: first name, mobile phone number, address, etc. If a person only sends you one email, this is the first sign that they want to trick you (in most cases). It is best to chat on Skype. This will allow you to see if the profile photo matches that of the person you are communicating with.

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Romantic online scammers are trying to lure you out of the dating site.

Often, scammers convince victims to leave the dating site and use their personal email or instant messaging to continue communication. At first it might not look like a red flag. When you get to know someone, you will naturally want to go beyond the dating site and use other forms of communication. Be very careful when someone asks for your phone number or email address. This makes it even easier for them to access your personal information.

If you want to communicate outside of the dating site, set up another email address or use an instant messaging application that is not connected to personal information such as your primary email address and phone number.

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Social media verification. Will this person give you links to their social media pages? If yes, how long have these pages been created? What is his story? If the page is blank, there are no friends, and even recently created, this can be a scammer. Be careful.

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Romantic scammers claim to need money for emergencies, hospital bills or travel.

Be wary of anyone who asks you for financial assistance, no matter how serious their situation. If you encounter any of these scenarios when talking to a new lover on the Internet, chances are they are ripped off.

"I need money to support a sick parent."

"I need a short-term loan for a plane ticket to visit you."

"I need some start-up money for a business."

"I need funds to finalize the funeral of a loved one."

"I am a member of French services abroad and I need money."

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Love scammers declare their love quickly, without really meeting you. Often, the first sign of an online dating scam appears when a scam artist expresses strong emotions in a relatively short period of time. They may even say they are in love with you, but it is a tactic that they use to make you give up personal information and answers to the security questions that you use to lock your accounts on the Internet. Protect your personal information carefully and beware if a new love asks for personal information shortly after the encounter.

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It is almost impossible to combat the Internet scam. In order to combat virtual criminals in developed countries, considerable sums are spent and special units are created. In poor countries, no one is involved in such crimes. If you file a complaint with law enforcement, it is unlikely that you will get results. Contacting the administration responsible for hosting the site will at best result in a blocking of the profile, which is unlikely. To stop a fraudster, you have to keep him warm when transferring money or goods. But this is extremely difficult, since all transactions are mainly by mail and without cash. The IP address is also not always detected (it is not always possible to know the real IP address of the remote computer, because it can be dynamic, change from time to time, or internal and may not be accessible from the Internet, the fraudster uses to communicate Internet cafes, etc.).

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The first thing to do if you have a virtual romance is to be alert. Check that the photo of your correspondent is true. To do this, you can copy multiple profile pictures of strangers and search via Google Image Search or Yandex. These photos may belong to someone else, where you can meet a victim of this scammer who fell into his trap and wrote about it. Read your interlocutor's intentions carefully and pay attention to the little things. If your contact is too interested in your financial situation, your personal information and the availability of expensive things or goods, be careful - this is the first sign of the scam.

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