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Are there any winter resorts in Ukraine?

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I'm wondering, if there is some beautiful winter resorts in Kharkiv ? As I'm planning to go there next winter.

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Bukovel is not Courchevel, but it comes close in terms of ski facilities and infrastructure. Lots of modern slopes and chairlifts, everything is well connected. There is no other ski center as developed in the whole Ukraine / Romania / Bulgaria region.

The only problem is that this is a brand new center, so the tourist infrastructure (not related to skiing) is not as developed and should be, that is to say that there is no variety of restaurants, attractions, etc. I hope it will come.

The Bukovel hotel is located in the heart of the ski resort, so it is very convenient in terms of access to the slopes. It is not a hotel as such, it is rather an apartment hotel, as it consists of many pretty little houses (2 shops). They don't have a kitchen, everything else is fine. We stayed there for a week and we liked it.

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We stayed in the Lodge portion of this large ski resort. Our room was very large with a separate sitting area and two bathrooms. The view from our balcony was very nice. During the ski season, the area was crowded with people. Breakfast was a ten-minute walk from the lodge, but the cafeteria-style food line served a wide variety of great choices. There are a large number of restaurants on site, as well as ATMs, etc. For hikers, however, there is only one decent hike on a ski slope to a good vantage point. If you are entering Ukraine from Romania, it is a pleasant stopover for the long journey to Lviv. Even with this stop, there is still a long journey on extremely rough roads to reach Lviv.

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If you haven't done any research yet, the area around Bukovel is a popular TOP location for the event and season. Anyway, you can find the train schedules Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk. Ticket prices vary between 500 and 800 grivnas. As for flights, it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes plus the time necessary for airport formalities. Again, the nearest airport is Ivano-Frankivsk Airport. The price of accommodation varies depending on its type. You should do your own research, browse the different options to check the prices. The most popular villages and towns I mentioned above are as close as 10-25 km from Bukovel.

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Thank you all for the info, I'm arriving in Kiev at the end of this year and I plan to go to Bukovel. If I take the train how long does it take and the cost and plain how much time and money does it take? you told me that the accommodation on brukovel is full how long it takes to go from a nearby village to brulovel and the price of accommodation per night. Thanks in advance, you are very helpful

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There are several options for getting there from Kiev. You can take a flight or train to Ivano-Frankivsk, then a bus, marshrurtka, taxi or transfer to Bukovel. The resort is very popular in winter, so if you plan to travel in the high season, it makes sense to book as early as possible. If you cannot find the accommodation option in Bukovel, consider the neighboring towns and villages (Tatariv, Mykulychyn, Yasinya, etc.). There are also other smaller and cheaper ski options in Zakarpattya - at Pylypets and Podobovets, or Play near Svalyava, or Krasiya - just a few to mention.

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We visited bukovel last year with friends and we enjoyed our stay, so this year we decided to spend a night in bukovel, we booked chalet n.15 for 7 people with sauna and small pool, the chalet was clean, spacious and very nice, everything was fine except the pool water was dirty, we called reception, they said it took about 4 hours to change the water, we agreed and meanwhile we enter the sauna, after half an hour we had no water in the whole chalet, we called the reception they told us that we have no water because they fill the pool, they have problems with the pump and they can't do anything for us, instead of having fun and enjoying our stay it was a disastrous stay, we slept with our sweat and the next day we take our showers. Not even an apology or compensation, even if it was their fault, they refused to give us a different chalet and refused to reimburse us it was really a NIGHTMARE.

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The most pleasant region for winter activities in Ukraine is undoubtedly the Carpathians. Local ski resorts offer good quality ski lifts, a variety of downhill runs, affordable prices and beautiful nature. Combined with the generous hospitality of the residents, their bizarre traditions and coloring, each one will make many unforgettable memories.

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You can also in winter visit the Carpathians which are in the south-west of the country, bordering with Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. You can do: Kracovie-Lvov by train Lvov- Ivano Frankivsk by train (3 hours) then from there, browse small villages by bus such as yaremtcha, tatariv, rakhiv, Kolomyya. From these villages, you can make beautiful hikes in the region! But a little knowledge of Russian is obviously advantageous if you travel by backpacker in this region!

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Easy, my friend, very easy. It's just name of resort in that city, slang name. This place is located in the very northern part of the city and has 2 tracks, 300 meters long each with altitude drop of 70 meters. Address is Alpiiska street, 4. 

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Kharkov Switzerland? How is that possible? 

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Also Kharkov Switzerland :) 

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Yeah, Karpatian mountains - very nice place

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