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Where to stay: hotel suggestions; Is renting an apartment worth it?

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Hey guys, where should I stay? manager of UkReine suggests renting an apartment of their. Do they have good apartments, or hotel is better?

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When looking for an apartment for long term rental in the city of Kharkov, I found a pretty good option for me. The condition of the apartment was perfect. So I called the so-called owner who managed to speak some English, we made an appointment the next morning. To my surprise he calls me back an hour later and tells me that he forgot to notify me that he already had another date with another suitor at the same time and that he was ready to come to Kharkov. if I wanted to, but that since he lives about 60 km away, he would need an advance in the form of a reservation so that he would know that I am serious and that would prevent him from moving around unnecessarily. I immediately understood the scam behind this story and told him to give it to someone else. The funniest thing in this case is that after 2 days the same ad was still posted on the site lol :).

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On various sites, you can find apartments which, a few minutes just after the publication of the advertisement, already have 5 to 10 people interested. When you call the number listed in the ad, the phone is usually the owner's phone. The latter lists all the advantages and tells you that you are not in seventh position. But to see if you are genuinely interested, you have to pay a certain amount to reserve. And once the money is transferred, you will create 2 scenarios, either the phone will be turned off and if you ever go to the address indicated in the ad, you will find that it is not the owner. Generally money sent to a bank card is not refundable. It's the sad truth

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What about Chichikov? It's right behind the office of UkReine, according to google maps...

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They have kinda good flats in downtown, plus to it they are cheap (can't say that about hotels). However, there are some premium-class hotels, Kharkov Palace for example. 


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