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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams?

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You are single and ready for a new page in your personal life. Among other methods you can use to search for your soul mate, you can opt for online dating, which is popular all over the world. However, how can you prevent being scammed online with any possible romance frauds? Here you can find out some tips on how to tell if someone is scamming you and what sites to avoid.

What Are Online Dating Scams? 

Romance scamming is a scheme with fraudulent intentions. One of the partners pretends to have a romantic interest to get money from the other partner or to discover any sensitive information to be use for blackmailing. Scammers usually come from African countries, the Philippines and Eastern Europe, especially Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Anti-scamming policy agents, like reputable online dating sites with millions of users, state authorities in different countries, or dedicated scam forums and websites with reviews, as, for example,, try hard to fight marriage scamming. This ugly social phenomenon has grown since the beginning of 2000, with the spreading of the internet and other aspects of globalization. This problem has an enormous scale especially in combination with Western men and Eastern European girls.

For instance, according to the famous Australian online source, Scam Watch, dating scams have already resulted in huge financial losses in Australia alone, namely, almost USD $13.000.000 just in 2017. However, the actual damages in money and heartbreak from dating scams are even more significant, because not all fraud victims are ready to face and release the fact they had been scammed online.

The dating scam plots are usually similar. They are used by individuals or groups of professional scammers to gain the maximum trust of the victim. There can be multiple victims that are under manipulation at the same time. The main purpose of these online dating activities is to establish speedy romantic relations, to ask for money.

The target audience for marriage scamming is men and women from the well-developed Western countries. They look for those, who are single, divorced, widowed, or feeling lonely and are searching for a romantic partner and a serious relationship.

Online Dating Scams Photos 

To lure the victim, scammers use attractive photos of young and beautiful girls or men on dating sites. These pictures can be real-life girls who are employed by dating agencies. Their pictures are used for the scamming purposes. There can also be pictures of local celebrities which are used to arouse men’s interest.

Beautiful girls in their early twenties can contact Western men of 50-60 years old on their own on dating websites. When this happens, it is a 100 % scam. If a middle-aged man would like to introduce himself to such a girl online, she easily accepts this communication. This is not at all common for Eastern European girls in real life. However, this opportunity to find a younger woman online with world-class model looks makes online dating hugely popular in the Western world.

After the intro, the scamming girl asks the man to transfer their communication from the initial meeting point to free messengers or to personal email to have a full control over the process. Con artists that work undercover with women’s’ profiles communicate with several men on the dating site. If anyone reports her profile, she could be blocked and lose access to other potential victims. That’s why the scammer tries to communicate in other platforms, not on the big dating websites.

The relationship with this young and beautiful girl takes a romantic turn almost immediately. The sexual motives are utilized extensively. The scammer tries hard to keep the men’s attention by regular emails and texts, all accompanied by sexy pictures. Any talking, especially on cam is rare. This is because they are not the gorgeous girls. Mostly this is done by con artists in disguise, like hired translators in dishonest dating agencies who work shifts or men, who simply use victims as their money source.

Sites to Avoid  

The users of the online dating websites often ask what websites to avoid and which to trust. Unfortunately, no online dating platform can give you a 100 % guarantee that you won’t meet a fake profile or even a scammer. Nevertheless, the reputable sites keep strong anti-scamming policies and check identities with techniques like 2FA. Any time you are unsure about the person you met on the dating site, it’s reasonable to report this profile.

Scammers are also on free websites, such as Tinder, Badoo, or social networks like Facebook. By current dating statistics, you can meet a fake profile on free-access websites 10 times more often than on the dedicated platforms with paid services. So, it is strongly recommended to use common sense while dating a girl online. 

How to Tell If Someone Is Scamming You Online? 

Be aware that online scammers are skilled in manipulating men. They live on manipulation, while pursuing your wallet, not the heart. A major scamming sign is when the person you have never met, asks you to send money. The earlier signs can include, but not limited to, as follows:

  • A very young and pretty girl without any relation or context contacts you initially.
  • She usually claims it is her first time on the website and she’s lucky to meet with a man like you.
  • The girl talks a lot about trust and sincerity in relations.
  • Communication is in writing only, with typical emails that do not answer your current questions but are based mostly on the girl’s life story or description of the everyday routine. Sometimes, she doesn’t use your name when addressing you in emails. Such emails come regularly, in a certain pattern, at least at the beginning of your communication. Every letter is accompanied by an attractive girl’s picture, each sexier than before.
  • The girl ignores or doesn’t like the idea to talk with a cam or to see each other.
  • The girl’s life story is full of various misfortunes that can make you feel sorry for her and provoke a desire to save her.
  • Love feelings and romantic communications are established almost immediately, even in the second or third email.
  • She usually asks for financial support to book flights and for various visa-related expenses to come to your country as soon as possible, because she wants real communication with you.
  • Your sweetheart doesn’t like the idea of you coming to visit her first for any reason.
  • She doesn’t want you to book her flights or pay any other expenses. The girl consistently insists sending money.
  • If you have doubts whether to transfer money or not, she becomes either angry or very emotional and blames you for her feelings.

The most common scammer includes a very young, beautiful girl with sexy and attractive pictures. They are full of sweet words that make the man feel incredible.

However, you can meet more down-to-earth women, who are registered on the dating sites to meet with Western men online. These girls are more motivated to meet the man in their location initially. Sometimes when the man comes, he will buy numerous luxuries for the girl or her family and spend more money on entertaining and enjoying their time together. As a rule, when the man returns home, such a relationship ends quickly. The girl proceeds to search for another temporary partner receive new perks from him.

How to Get Over Being Scammed

Being scammed is a very painful experience for both your feelings and a wallet. First, just accept that this girl has manipulated you for her own material goals. Secondly, try to learn your lesson from this bad online experience. It was a fraud, not love. Report her profile as soon as possible. Block her contact phone number in all the messengers. If she tries again to contact you, asking for more money or trying to blackmail you with any sensitive pictures or videos, go to the police. Send her fake profile pictures to the anti-scam forums and websites in order to prevent other scam stories in the future.

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