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How to make a Russian woman come to your country?

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You are communicating with a Russian or Ukrainian woman and she is interested in coming to you, but needs an international passport / visa / airline tickets etc. So how do you assist her with these first steps to ensure her arrival in US, Canada, Australia and Europe without losing your money?

Before you start, you must be sure to be in touch with a serious and interested woman as Russian women scams are quite often. You can of course require an identity verification for a Russian or Ukrainian woman, but you can also draw conclusions on your own:

1. Ask yourself why such a beautiful woman is interested in you, a man she has never seen before.

2. Ask yourself why a serious and honest woman wants to spend time at a man’s house even though she has never met him before, could it be a Russian bride scam?


If you can find logical answers to these questions, you can move on to the next step:


Insist on organizing a video call on Skype. You will have at least the certainty that she’s a real person and not a Russian romance scam and you’ll only need to evaluate her motivation.


At this point, everything becomes easier: if she doesn’t ask for money and can come to you at her own expense, you won’t have any issues.


If she needs money to come to your home, the risk of Russian marriage scams increases, despite having seen her on Skype. In this case, even an official ID-verification won’t help. Contact us and we will try to help you, free of charge.


If you are convinced that she’s a real person and she’s trustworthy, here's what you have to know about a Russian or Ukrainian woman's trip to your country. Take as an example the journey of a Ukrainian woman to US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


International Passport:


All Russian and Ukrainian nationals have a national passport that is used the same way as the identity card in many Western countries.


International passports are not compulsory and are issued by the Russian and Ukrainian authorities for those who want to travel abroad.


The timeframe for issuing the passport varies from 5 to 30 days, the price depends on the timeframe but does not exceed 100 euro.



Most likely, starting from summer 2017, Ukrainian citizens will no longer need a visa to travel to Europe, but it is not yet the case (April 2017).


Important things to know:


It is not possible to invite to US, Canada, Australia and Europe a woman you have never met in person. The visa application will be rejected.


The only option is to use the services of a travel agency that can handle the procedures for obtaining a visa. The price varies between 200 and 2.000 euro, depending on the country, the duration of the visa and if flight and accommodation are included in the package.


The official visa fee is 35 euro for a short stay visa, but as we have already explained, the woman can apply for this type of visa only if you know her in person and if she can provide an invitation letter written by you.


The woman must also prove to the employee in charge of issuing visas at the relevant Embassy to be willing to return to her country at the expiry of the visa. Here are some possible proofs: a good job with a good salary, a house owned, a current account with good liquidity, family members (son/daughter) remaining in Ukraine/Russia during her stay.


Airline tickets:


This is the simplest step since you can buy an air ticket yourself without having to send cash to the Russian or Ukrainian woman you are inviting.




It is not true that women are asked to prove to have a certain amount of money per day at their disposal to cover their living expenses while in the country.


Conclusions on Russian dating scams protection.


The most effective, quickest, and cheapest strategy is the following:


See the woman on Skype, go to Ukraine or Russia. This way you can:


reduce the risk of Russian email scam

• learn about her life in Russia or Ukraine, her habits, her friends, and probably her parents

• you can meet more women then invite to your home the one with whom it worked better, optimizing your chances and inviting a woman you already know.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or more questions

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