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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages Comments
Svetlana  Tolubeeva Svetlana Tolubeeva richiesta di denaro per incontrarti 0 commentaire(s)
Anna  Morina Anna Morina She will ask to meet up with you and at that time ask for money for her passport and visa and... 0 commentaire(s)
Tetiana ( Tanya, Tatiana ) Temnenko Tetiana ( Tanya, Tatiana ) Temnenko Rencontre sur " Ukraine Date" rapidement elle me demande d'echanger sur Viber puis contactes... 1 commentaire(s)
EKATERINA VIKTOROVNA, NOVIKOVA HOBN/KOBAEKATERINA  VIKTOROVNA   - DE SAMARA EKATERINA VIKTOROVNA, NOVIKOVA HOBN/KOBA Ekaterina <>Sun 1/26/2020 9:54 AMYouDear Jose,It’s rather sad but... It’s rather sad but I’m still positive because you are my man and I’m sure you’ll solve our... 0 commentaire(s)
OLHA MOTRENKO OLHA MOTRENKO Howdy, my darling prince Jose! I am pleased to write to you in this Monday. I am very pleased... 1 commentaire(s)
Vladlena  Mamaeva Vladlena Mamaeva 0 commentaire(s)
Hanna Pasichnyk Money for sick parents, dr, bills etc.. takes money for holidays and seeing other men to make more... 0 commentaire(s)
Chizhikova Ludmila Ludmila Chizhikova 0 commentaire(s)
Яна Валерьевна Смирнова Яна Смирнова addresses - Moscow, Yaroslavl names - Yana, Iana, Anna, Ianna, Yannaaddresses - Moscow, Yaroslavl 1 commentaire(s)
Be cautious, she is really smart Lyudmila Polyasna Smart and nice in the beginning, she never ask anything, write everyday except Sunday from viber.... Dear, Stakhanov is not a part of Ukraine any more, I am not able to go Ukr cities. After this... 1 commentaire(s)
Nataliya  Petrina Evgenevna Nataliya Petrina Evgenevna 5 commentaire(s)
Tatyana Tatyana Envoie de longs messages d'elle de sa famille mets la personne en confiance dis que elle même se... 0 commentaire(s)
Arzu  Shirinova Arzu Shirinova This woman scammed me for the amount of $27266AUD 8 commentaire(s)
Valentina Tiinka Premier contact soit disant que je lui ai donné mon email sur un site de rencontre..Puis commence à... 0 commentaire(s)
Ksenia Dostoevskaya Ksenia Dostoevskaya A scammer. Lies about everything. Meets men in various hotels in Egypt and Ukraine. Will try to get... 0 commentaire(s)