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Online Dating: Is It Really Worth It?

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If you are single, but still unsure or skeptical about online dating and dating websites and if you ask yourself: “Is online dating worth it? or Should I try online dating?”, then congratulations! You are among the growing number of people all over the world, who are considering online dating.

According to the recent American statistics provided by the wedding app the Knot, 19% of all brides surveyed found their future soulmate online. This 2017 study surveyed more than 14,000 just-married or engaged people. This means that the number of newly-made couples who consider online dating worthwhile has already exceeded more traditional meeting points such as through friends (17%), studying in college (15%), or meeting at the workplace (12%). Here we will discuss some pros and cons of the online dating world to help you decide.

Why Online Dating Is Popular?

If you look through different online dating statistics all over the world, you will see that people in the first-world countries, as well as developing states, are using online dating sites more and more. First, the popularity, scope, and prevalence of the various mobile dating apps that have become even more popular than their desktop versions, like Tinder, Match or Badoo, have set the rules for modern online dating. But each country has its own online dating sites and brick-and-mortar international dating agencies which have always been popular. In Eastern Europe, for instance, it can be the Russian-speaking online dating portal Mamba or various dating agencies with both online and offline presence. Such dating services can offer a platform for initial communication between singles and facilitate romantic tours to the country of origin of either of the bride or the bridegroom.

Many people can choose to meet new people through world-scale social networks as Facebook or Instagram. Such online dating doesn’t require any identification efforts or fees to pay. However, there are too many con artists in the social networks who will prey on newcomers by using other people’s attractive pictures and made-up stories. This often leads to financial losses.

Nowadays online dating is such a common thing and not for desperate people. In this globalized world connected by the internet, online dating can bring you a preferable partner from faraway lands if you are ready to give it a go.

Pros of the Online Dating

Among the obvious pluses of online dating is the availability and easy access to a huge number of potential dating partners. Some of the dating sites provide dedicated communication for a certain group of singles that are united by interests, religious background or other ties.

Many people are willing to take risks while online and reach out to favorable candidates, even if they would be too shy to do so face-to-face.  Some experts say that introverted or socially anxious individuals can feel more relaxed while communicating online. The most difficult initial ice-breaking period can more smoothly online than in person. This is provided, that both man and woman are open to communicating and being sincere with each other.

By the way, international online dating sites popular with many Western men like Americans, Canadians, Australian, New Zealand or European citizens provide a possibility to meet pretty, single girls from Eastern Europe and post-Soviet countries. Such connections with interested single women can lead to serious and committed relationship and even to marriage. These partners may have a different cultural background or a big age gap. Most of those international contacts would be impossible offline due to many factors.

Due to the nature of online dating, the romantic connections can be formed significantly quicker than during ordinary real-life contacts and relationships. This happens because of the focus is not on physical appearance and attractiveness in online communication. Besides, the whole atmosphere of the dating sites calls for romance and finding love, which also influences people registered there.

Cons of the Online Dating

Sometimes a huge variety of potential mates is not as good as it seems to be. Some psychologists say, that too many options available can bring less satisfaction with the options. Many people doubt their choice if there are too many others available. This can lead to more superficial attitudes and a lack of commitment in the relationships.

Most people prefer to look much better online than in real life. They carefully select their pictures and place limited personal data in the dating profile. Some facts can be even untrue, like age or marital status and even their intentions for being online.

Some choices could have been avoided during the initial eye-to-eye communication in a traditional first date. It’s difficult to find out whether you and your partner are compatible with each other before the real meeting. Besides, there can be many fake profiles that are utilized by scammers of all kinds, aiming to take your money and break your heart.

It’s worth mentioning that people are likely to fill the blanks with imaginary details which we would like to see in an interesting mate. As a rule, it can bring a false, illusionary image of the dating partner, and, thus, leads to disappointment and a negative experience.

Men, as a common proverb goes, love with their eyes. The online dating platforms can provide the best showcase of the candidates with attractive and sometimes professionally-done pictures and videos. Therefore, better and more appealing photos can bring more success to that person. Some men tend to select much younger and more beautiful girls to date online than they can meet and talk with in their real surroundings. This is the initial reason why East European marriage scammers work: they attract middle-aged men from the developed countries and use the bait of twenty-year old girls fall for them. This brings all kinds of imaginary satisfaction in exchange for bucks and euros.

When meeting a person in real life we measure him or her by their behavior, manners, and personality and not only by several good-looking pictures or sweet words. Sometimes after liking the person’s actions, we begin to find him or her more appealing and physically attractive and vice versa. We can initially like someone’s great looks but then totally dislike their behavior, that won’t lead to a relationship.

Many people are playing games during online dating because of a lack of accountability online. The romantic chemistry based on initial profile pictures and easy contact can bring very quick romances. Real life romantic emotions, as a rule, develop much more slowly, without the pressure that is sometimes common to many dating sites. You can simply miss your chance for real love if your decision is based just on the physical appearance and immediate attraction but not on a spark between partners, which comes with time.


There are many myths connected with these globally popular dating sites. The reviews of the dating sites can help you decide whether they are worthwhile.

On the one hand, online dating provides a great variety of potential mates and dates to all registered with them. Unfortunately, due to the focus on the appearance and lack of the actual information about behavior, manners and actions, evident during real-life meetings, many contacts are based on false imaginary suppositions that can lead to a big disappointment or even scamming in the upcoming future. Besides, the whole atmosphere of the online dating site pushes for easy and quick romances that may not be serious.

If you are thinking about signing up for online dating site, it’s reasonable to choose reputable service providers with strong anti-scamming policies and with modern, science-based matchmaking algorithms that can facilitate a search of compatible partners. These methods rely more on the invisible similarities of mates. 

However, online dating can be a great communication tool in the search for the significant other, as it is modern and dynamic. It should be used with a grain of salt to get the best online dating experience and to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

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