Prices in Ukraine and Russia

Prices in Russia and Ukraine

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International passport in Russia:

3500-5000 roubles or 40-60 USD

International passport in Ukraine:

694 UAH or 25 USD (in 20 working days), 1046 UAH or 40 USD (delivery within 7 days)

Visa to USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand for Russian and Ukrainian citizen:

Regular travel agencies don’t deal with travel visas to those countries as they are extremely hard to get,document preparation is long and the refusal rate is high.

Most visas are delivered to official trips, sport competitions, student exchange programs etc.

If “an average” woman of Russia or Ukraine wants to get a visa to one of those countries, she should get an official invitation from the the man.

If the man did not meet the woman in person before, visa will be refused even if you send the invitation.

The only way to get a visa is to come to meet the lady and invite her only after that.

Price of the visa is within 100 USD.

There can be extra fees to travel to the Embassy to apply for a visa in person.

Visa to most European countries for women from Russia:

Tourist countries like Spain, Cyprus, Greece and some others can easily deliver visas for group tours organized by travel agencies.

It’s harder to get a visa for a private trip, the woman will need an invitation.

If the man did not meet the woman in person before, visa will be refused even if you send the invitation.

Price of the visa is within 100 USD.

There can be extra fees to travel to the Embassy to apply for a visa in person.

Proof of income to be presented to the embassy to obtain the visa:

It is true that the embassy requires that the woman proves that she has enough money to subsist at her own expense during the trip. The minimum amount required is around 50 euros/day even if the man sends a letter of guarantee that he will cover his expenses during the stay.

You have to be very careful because scammers often use this condition to extort money from Western men.

Contact us if a woman asks you for money under this pretext.

Visa to most European countries for women from Ukraine:

No visa needed for Schengen Agreement countries

Travelling from “Donbass region” (a part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions occupied by rebels and backed up by Russia):

Getting Ukrainian international passport and a visa can be done only on the territory controlled by Ukrainian government.

Price vary from the price of getting to the closest town controlled by Ukrainian government.

You’d better contact us directly for all questions related to that region (like: Is there a war? – Do people have mobile network? etc).

Travelling from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other FSU countries abroad if you have a non paid mortgage or another debt:

Citizen of the above mentioned countries can not travel abroad only in case there is acourt decision that prohibits to leave the country. It happens quite seldom and concerns individuals having important non paid debts.

Internet connection in Russia and Ukraine:

10-15 USD per month for landline cable internet available in ALL cities and towns, villages can be an exception.

10-15 USD per month for unlimited mobile data available in ALL cities, towns and villages, in small villages data speed can be slow.

Mobile and data coverage network is well developed and very affordable. Impossible to find a person under 50 y.o. who does not have permanent access to the internet.

Internet cafe:

Do not exist any more in Ukraine or Russia as free wifi is available in all shopping malls, a lot of institutions, all the offices, schools, Universities etc

Mobile phone:

Starting from 150 USD for new Chinese smartphones. You can by used smartphones from 50 USD


Average net salary in Russia is 40000 roubles or 500 USD

Average net salary in Ukraine is 12000 UAH or 450 USD

Medical services:

Public medical services are either free (Ukraine) or are provided for free with the insurance that is affordable to everyone (Russia)

However, hospitals and doctors often claim extra money that is paid cash or transferred as “donations” to hospital “non profit” entities.

Contact us if a lady is asking for money for medical treatment.

FAQ regarding prices in Russia or Ukraine:

A woman is asking me to send money via Western Union or Moneygram, can I trust her?

Sending money to a girl you don’t know in person is always a “red flag”. Some scammers will provide you information for the bank wire to Russia or Ukraine, it’s does not make them legitimate.

DO NOT send any money before you’re absolutely sure she is real and is really interested in you. You can check the official background of a Russian or Ukrainian girl on our website, but our experience shows that men who are in love don’t follow facts and logic, so if you still hesitate after contacting us, describe the situation to your friends, they will persuade you to face the reality and not keep following your dreams.

How much money do I need to live in Russia or Ukraine? Prices in Russia vs prices in Ukraine

Prices are really higher in Moscow, St Petersburg in Russia and Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv in Ukraine but with 1000 euros per month your life will be quite comfortable, especially in Ukraine as prices are lower there.

In smaller towns you will be able to afford much more with 1000 euros/month budget

Do I need speak to know Russian or Ukrainian if I want to spend several months in this country?

No, you don’t. Keep closer to younger people who generally speak some English. A lot of restaurants have English menu.

What’s the price of dating in Russia or Ukraine?

Local agencies will organize meetings with young beautiful girls for about 60-100 euros per girl, but in 95% of cases the girl is paid to go a fancy restaurant with you. Also, they would oblige you to take the agency interpreter who will charge you about 30$ per hour.

On the other hand, costs of online dating if you use western dating sites to meet same girls would be much more expensive.

But even if Ukraine dating site price is more affordable, you will still have the same extremely low success rate as you will deal with dating site scams.

So, Russian dating price is less important than the fact if the dating agency is honest.