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Anastasia Dashutina, Stasya , Nastya

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Anastasia Dashutina, Stasya , Nastya
Nombre, Apellido: Anastasia Dashutina, Stasya , Nastya
Fecha de nacimiento: 06 Febrero 1990
País, Ciudad: Ukraine, Nikolaev
Address: Unknown. Still being investigated by ICSworld. Her excuse to not give her address away is her profession, she is a "journalist", so she has to move constantly... But in several websites, also a "teacher" and a "student" because when you go to live with her, she will be "forced" by the Police (situation happened with me - I have photos to prove it) or the Government to teach little children in a small village in the middle of nowhere... Her identification was falsified.
Telephone: 00380933738441
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:

I waked up, I put my most beautiful dress and I imagined that I was kissing you in the morning...

I only don't fall asleep in the University's classes because I dream of you. YOU are my biggest JOY!

Sometimes my friends are talking with me and I, by mistake, call them by your name.

Esquema de fraude:
  • Anastasia Dashutina (she has shown me passport Anastasia "Valeryievna" Dashutina later verified by ICSworld as being false - Falsification Of Documents) operates in Nikolayev, Odessa, Kherson and Kiev. She is a scammer and a golddigger. a pro-dater with ID 1665365 in and ID 126646 in  Other dating websites were blocked due to my complains: She was online everywhere! But I wasn't aware of this and we developed a relationship during 1 year and a half. At the same time she had and still has her ukrainian boyfriend, Alexander Klimiuk.

    She NEVER asks you money through email or electronic letters avoiding being caught/proved. She gives you hints when you meet her in her country, Ukraine, "I want to study English" or "My phone is broken, it fell into the water..." or "Can you give me 50 Dollars to pay the repair of your laptop?" Yes, I offered her a new phone and my laptop to maintain communications via Skype that she rarely uses, since she is a "chat girl" hired by, confirmed by ICSworld's investigation. Her sole interest is to make you spend money in those dating websites where she gets a comission, up to 600 Dollars per day! The gifts you send, flowers, etc, are only used to take photos of the delivery, your money is split between her and the agencies (she works for several) .

    Always takes you to her favourite Japanese restaurant in Nikolayev and others. She will break up the relationship if you decide to move to Ukraine to live with her, as I did. She will kiss you in the mouth, she will walk hand in hand with you and will ask you during those moments, "How many children do you want?". She always brings her gilrfriend translator because she doesn't speak English (BIG LIE!!) or she doesn't feel confortable being alone with you with "communication problems". Imagine who will pay for everything? YOU. If you can't pay for translator, she will bring her sister "Aleksandra Valeryievna Dashutina" - real name was found out by ICSworld: Alesya Dashutina. But you will have to pay for everything else... If you noticed, she combines both names to create her false name.

    She uses many religious sentences refering to your relationship: "By God's will, we will live together and have children!" "It was Destiny that made us to meet..." "I am offered many proposals of men that want to take care of me and I prefer to be with you, my friends do not understand me."

    Created a Facebook page ID 100006171213561 on the 18 June 2013 (Stasya Dashutina), most probably to cheat and scam other victims since I blocked her activities in several dating websites. She DOES NOT NEED a Facebook page, because the Russian/Ukrainian equivalent is vK -, but Russian and Ukrainian men are poor.  She is coming to Facebook to access Western men... Also, one of the friends (both do not reveal any info) in Facebook is Olga Suska ID 100001703330625, the last female translator that she used with me in Nikolayev by the name of "Julia", another false name....

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