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Elena Kursova

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Elena Kursova
Nombre, Apellido: Elena Kursova
Fecha de nacimiento: 14 Octubre 1979
País, Ciudad: Russie, Zavolzhsk
Address: Mira 10 Postal Code 155410
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:
Hi my love! How are you? My favourite, now I feel the big happiness to receive your letter, and your letter now calms me and gives me the big hope of our happy future! My favourite, these days off I thought of you and about our meeting, and I already dreamt of how I run in your embraces and to me it was very pleasant and joyful on heart! My favourite, I wish to appear more likely already near to you and to love you! And today at me the finest day, and I am very happy today! You guess why? It is all because today my documents are issued, and my documents are ready! I am very happy today, and I very long waited this day when my documents will be already ready. And here this day today has come and now I should buy only the air ticket, and I will arrive to you! I love you very much! My love, today it was very pleasant to me to receive my documents! And to me also today have given out my passport for travel abroad and for me it is the big pleasure! Now I send you a copy of my passport for travel abroad that you could rejoice just as I. Today also to me spoke about the air ticket. I asked the air ticket for June, 14th as you me have asked. I give to you air ticket data for June, 14th to the city of Berlin: Moscow (MOW) - Berlin (BER) Air Berlin flight AB8353 Departures: June 14, 2013, 16:55 Domodedovo Arpt Arrival: June 14, 2013, 17:40 Tegel Airport Driving time: 2 hours 45 minutes My darling to me it was pleasant, when I have learnt that I will come to you on June, 14th and we already will embrace each other! To me have informed, that the price of the air ticket of 11535 roubles. My beloved, what you think of this air ticket? My favourite I very much wish to be near to you, I require only you, because you of whom I dream all life. Only you I live, you are necessary for me as air, and I live only for you. You are necessary to me, and we with you plan our further life already so much! My favourite and now it is necessary to buy only my air ticket, and I can already arrive to you, and we will be together! I require your help, and I hope, that you can help with purchase of this air ticket. Now my biggest desire, it to buy the air ticket and to come to you! I know that we necessarily will together, and we will buy the air ticket. Very much you do not suffice me also me every day calm only your photos, I always carry with myself your photo, and I constantly look at your fine photo and I kiss it before a dream! My favourite, and now I finish my letter! I will dream of how we pleasantly spend our time! You ask me as we will hold the first day of our meeting and our first night. It is difficult to me to answer this question. I think, that it depends on you. I love you! I love you very much and I constantly think of you and all my thoughts on you the only thing! I hope to receive your letter and I think, that you are happy, that my documents are ready! You my unique and I very much love you! With love, your unique Elena.
Esquema de fraude:
  • Elena (Helen) Kursova

    Need money for documents, fly ticket and visa.


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