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pay per letter dating

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Online MGTOW community is right.

I had a world class education, street education. I now know about pay per letter dating sites. I am naïve.

I whent over dozens of the letters and the evadice is every where, "tell us" 

It is not the first time I have been fooled. I wish I could say it would be the last.

Yesterday I was a fool and today I am wise.


I will still be going to Ukraine for the maximum about of time under its visa laws. I was only going for a week or two.

I may even buy an apartment building before I go, to use while I am there. I will have a firm rent this for me.

A country side house would cost me less then a two week payckeck. 

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go date now

are the same company, I think there is a dozen or more.

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