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Scammer tricks and strategies

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I met a russian lady online.  She insists on visiting me in Canada, asks me to send her money for a visa plus flight ticket.  The visa center in Moscow denies the visa unless she can show proof of US$ 4500 in her account.  She begs me to borrow her the money and swears she will send it right back. So I send her money and she gets the visa.  Upon checking in at the airport she is denied boarding and departure from Russia because it turns out she owes money for her apartment that she bought.  She asks me for another $ 16 000...which of course I never pay. She promises to send my $4500 back but her bank refuses the transfer saying she owes to the bank.  End of story I am out $ 4500 plus $ 1400 for the ticket and she disappears.


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Well, I see there's a lot of stories like that in web. Let me share mine.

When I was a medical student 10 years ago, I met ukrainian girl. She seemed to be nice and honest with me. We were dating for two years until my graduation, visiting some beautiful places, restaurants. Also, I gave her some valuable gifts (jewelry, gadgets, etc).  I proposed her to move forward to Chech Republic and get married. She said "yes, but I need to make some money for papers and other stuff" Of course, I gave her about 1000$ and then she just disappeared. 

Why do they behave like that? Dating to get money... Disgusting.

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Regular trick, bro. It can be any soul-touching story, like "my grandma died a week ago, I wanna change my life, bla-bla-bla". 

I had been hooked on one of those - that girl from Donetsk asked to borrow her about 500$ for tickets to UK, then I was just blacklisted. End of story

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