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FlirtRussianBrides and Viola Zioleko

I like this page

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This site seems to be serious but after a while you discover that the girls are not there for meeting but only to hold you on the site which is then charging you extra.

I experienced misleading information and complained. Then I was given 60 days free membership, thus, the website charge me both the free months

When I complain about the wrongly charging of my card, I get some strange not relevant information why they are charging wrongly.

This is leading to the question: is FlirtRussianBrides a fake site from Ukraine with fake profiles?

Viola Zioleko is the one who is in charge of answering me and I believe she is the manager or owner.

Based on my experience from international business and freaud, it seems like a bad dating site just made to get money out of single men.

Can you say anything about this site and the girl behind?


Thanks in advance.



Gene (no verificado)

I get flooded with messages from fantastic looking I don`t even have a photo. They don`t seem to care either. 

Long intro messages, so unnatural and fake. Like are you serious?  

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Take a look at it, dolix. photos are almost perfect, pro-studio made photos. And all of girls reply very fast, usually within 30 minutes round the clock. Isn't it weird for a normal girl - be online 24 by 7?

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Why do you think so, Rajjiin? 

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Yup, this one is fake. I made an experiment and googled some images from this site. And search returned me instagram profiles of regular women, not even models. Different names, different age, different story. Everything there is fake, it even looks like fake

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