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Is UADreams site a scam?

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I have been on UADreams for several months now. Although I think it might be a scam site with many younger beautiful girls, I also believe there are woman on their site for true romance. Am I wrong?

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OK I am going to be controversial and say someting strange. I have used UA Dreams for 2 years. I have communicated with 8 women. So the first question is, is the site a genuine site. I believe the answer is yes. They openly tell you all the pricing and hide nothing. They openly state that the girls are photographed with the "sales catalogue" in mind so use high glamour techniques. Something I think is wrong since many of the women are not as pretty as they make out. Thus false impressions about the girls looks are being presented. I have heard the argument that Ukrainian women want to present themselves the best they can but generally they do not have a professional make-up artist and hairstylist and 2000 watts of studio lights every morning, so I hate this approach. As a photgrpher fortunately I can see through it. Another problem is that many Ukrainian women seek foriegners following trauma of divorce so are really just wanting someone to talk too and are not serious about marrying a foreigner. Another option is that the girls are getting paid. I have seen girls come to the site and leave the site. I have seen one leave and has now returned!!! One or two have been on the site since 2012. Finding failure with the site has become a hobby of mine. It has cost me a fortune but has been fun. I could make a video out of it. The problem with the girls is finding them elsewhere on the internet. One thing about Ukrainian girls is that they love social media. Put any of the girls name, age and city into Google and thier pictures can be seen in images but that is it. Trying to find out if the girls are real is very difficult. Out of the 8 one girl left the site and I tracked her to another site. Last I heard her profile had been suspended for scamming checks. Another left and is on another site and a local dating agency in Kharkiv. Another left the site to look after her mother and daughter and is currently on VK. However it is a long time since she visited the site. One left after she found a younger local guy. One I still chat to every now and then but she at one point appeared on UkrainDating so I stopped conversation for a while. So the women are real but what about their real intent and are you chatting to the women? Well here comes my amazing encounter with two women from the site. I began chatting to one who wanted someone to talk too. I told her she was too young for a relationship. OK so I ignored that and carried on chatting. She was my 30 years younger. This girl was unusal in that she had a very specific hobby. The problem came when we arranged to meet. Normally I have a policy of meeting within three months or it is off. This meet was delayed 3 times. When we did meet it was for 6 hours over three days. I believe this might have had something to do with the fact I know Ukraine well so did not use the agency to arrange travel and an apartment so they did not earn anything out of me. So the meeting did not go well and left a bad feeling although I now had her phone number. She never used her phone number always wanting to use the site. Something was suspicious so I had a detective do a background check. Everything came up OK that she was single and genuine but I also had discovered that her mate was also on the site. I ended up talking to both of the girls. This became very interesting when through the internet I actually found out their respective surnames. Further searches revealed their social media accounts also. Briefly one was open to public view the other was not. I was honest and revealed that I had seen the social media content and then the trouble started. I consulted a Ukrainian dating guide about some of the things I had seen on the social media. She told me if they are getting paid to be on the site and I have no money they will soon leave. Well when COVID 19 struck I became unemployed and the girls terminated relations as the advisor said. I can vouch though that the ladies in chat were themselves and not interpreters doing the typing. I can confirm most of the time I believe that messaging was done by just one of them. The reason being is that no matter when I sent a message they both replied with 30 minutes of each other. So were they there for genuine relationships? Well when COVID 19 hit I lost my job. Having met the lady I could communicate by any other means. I provided my e-mail and I sent a message on Viber. The message on Viber was not replied too and when questioned it just so happened that she had broken her phone. Confirmed within a couple of hours by her mate who just happened to meet her in the supermarket. Mmm believe that if you will. Secondly she would not use any other communication platform other than UA Dreams. So in my opinion the girls there are real and genuine but they are paid to be there and chat, so delaying meeting extends their income. Do they seek a foreign husband? Highly unlikely. They are there for the money. 35 year old girls are not interested in 60 year old men. However if you are really lucky you might find a lady who will fall in love with you.

VisitorNeil (no verificado)

 I was in Ukraine , I was with Ukraine Military . They know thier Problems in Kiev with the Ukraine Goverment.

I was also at medial University ware they need much help . All you get is Games in USA when they have Major Problems with China in Ukraine and them taking youg Russia ladies from the Russian Orthodox church . Its pure Bullshit in USA when they had Chinses hacking systems for years and making Knock offs of USA Products that Voliate USA pation laws .  This not a site to meet a lady ,they will not put meeting together and Ukraine Goverment is full of Coruption .

The only Good People I meet in Ukraine were in Military and they know thier major Problems that have the country split .

You not meet any good lady on hear ,It a scamming site to Run crap Pole Dancers and whores . It not a site you find a lady that goes to Church and has values.

Their are very Good people in Ukraine but this is not a place you meet a Profession lady or to do Professional Business.

The Ukraine Goverment caused the Problem with Crimea and Russia took it back because they all Drunken Fools in Kiev.

They sold their ships from NAvy to China because Ukraine can Run a liget Goverment or Economy with out scaming People money.

 They can get off of being a Drunken NAtion on Vodka and causing a war with Russia . I do Blame Russia for pulling the Business out because Ukraine just being a trash Nation on world business .

They do not know how to Run a liget Goverment that not trashing the people lives . They just selling the young ladies down the River to be Pole Dancers and trashing thier lives.

Ukraine needs a Come to GOD meeting and stop running Crap scamming Games and asking USA to bail thier asses out .

It a beautiful Country but not much in Professional Business that realy matters when thier Fifty plus years behind in Goood systems.

Thier Trash all over the country . Tons on Beer Bottles in parks and not a good for People to build good familys.

 It a Big whore of a Country . The only Part of Ukraine that is Good is in Orthodox churchs ware they cared to make the country better.

 You have crap people come to play games in Ukraine and I see why the Russian Orthodox church is fed up with the Crap in Kiev.

Their is a Total Difference bewteen Poland and the Ukraine . Ukraine wants to run a Corupted Goverment taking Bribes

 Their are very good people in Ukraine but they did not need the Crap Games in Ukraine Goverment selling out the Country To China to make whores out of Ukraine ladies.

They get Russian orthodox church piss off with them trashing thier people lives and thier churchs with Crap that comes from Europe and crap from China comming for woman.

They can take care of thier own woman and then want to cause Problems on planet .

I would not wast my time or money on this site because In all the time I have written letters or talked to woman on hear its games in putting a Professional metting together.

This is crap site and scould have been off the internet years ago for not following a Professional code of Conduct.

Its a site for no more then Ukraine whores and Pole Dancer trash woman. USA will not get this crap off the air.

Their not a lady on hear worth any mans time or money to get marriage too. It not a Christain site and it not Orthodox.

It crap woman looking for money to get thier hair done or go on trips but it not a site to meet a lady for marriage.

It more of Typical scamming trash they run for trash woman of Ukraine that are just whores .

They cased the Problems in Ukraine in Russian Orthodox church and why Russia took Crema and made it part of Russia.

That is Russian People in Cremea and USA new media is bunch of Dipsticks that can do Professional news media.

Trump is Right about the crap new media of USA that writes Fake news and do not get the real story of what the Problems in Ukraine .

It starts in Kiev in their Drunken trash Goverment taking Bribes and selling out the country and it Good people..

Do not waist time or money on doing any Business in Ukraine . Do do any investments in Ukraine because it total waist of time.

I would not invest any money in Ukraine until they can get the Coruption out of Goverment . Its a Drunken whore NAtion that just want to war. It being stupid Nation that trashing the country because its Drunk on Vodka and beer .

I went thier to do somthing important for Orthodox people . I would not waist my time with this site because its trash woman of Ukraine.

TTheir no honest woman on this site and USA scould have Blocked it and made them pay everybody back for the money they spent on this usless site.

They run this for woman that Got themselfs a Pregant and then want a MAn . Its a user site of crap .Run buy crap Ukraine trash woman that do have any Values to Clean up thier crap NAtion of Drunkness .

Do waist time or invest your money in Ukraine . It not a Nation that can do liget world business on a Professional Leavel.

I see why Russia pull its manufacturing back to Russia and let Ukraine fall on thier asses because they to stupid to Run a liget Goverment and do liget world business.

They want to Run a whore Nation of Drunken trash and starve the kids . Then they want to Blame Russia for their stupid Drunken trash Goverment.

USA need to get thier head out of thier asses and go do real investagion of the crap in Ukraine that is scamming USA and other NAtions MEns money for a bunch of crap Ukraine whores . That all they have on hear is trash Ukraine whores . Their no ladies on hear.

The real Ukraine ladies Go to Church and they are very Good people . You not meet any on this site because it run buy crap woman scamming for money so they can get Drunk








































VisitorNeil (no verificado)

 UAdreams is a Garbage site of scammers . I talked to many ladies and everytime its Games . I was in Ukraine to see the problems in the country and this site has zero credibility when Ukraine need much help improving the country. They started a war with Russia over being Drunken on Vodka and can follow Liget Business contracts. This is nothing but a trafficing site for Ukraine Pole Dancers and whores .It not to meet any Good lady that goes to Church and wants a real Husband . It tied to Chinese Trafficing of young ladies for thier Fassion Industry of Using young woman. It be better if Russians take thier people Back to Russia from Orthodox Familys because Ukraine a mess. They USA has no Clue at what the hell thier doing when its all Games all over Europe again.  This is Problem with Ukraine and its history of doing BAd Business that get the country Destroyed.

I see why thier pissed off with USA when the Russian Orthodox church is paying for the stupid Drunken people in Kiev taking Bribes










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Total scam site and can get expensive. Chats go nowhere

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I wrote to two women only last year because I was suspicious due to poor online reviews. There were communication issues with one so I politely stopped the correspondence and she didn't pursue me and later left the site. The second one seemed very genuine and wrote long considerate messages and we videochatted so I know she existed....but that doesn't confirm she was writing the replies! The problem here was that for 6 months she kept deferring our meetings and then inexplicably said she'd meet me on the 6th December after I told her I was away for three months from 3rd December. When I complained she wouldn't write to me any more siting 'trust issues'! 

A similarly middle aged friend set up an account and found that most women aged 40+ rejected him but all the younger drop dead gorgeous girls replied as had happened with me! If it was totally a scam, why would any of the ladies, of any age, reject a message since they would want their commission and to encourage credit spending? But it can't be true that all these beautiful young ladies all want two middle aged men!!;)

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Well, yeah, you're lucky enough, Fred. uadreams scammed me and some of my friends - we just lost money on comunications with no result.

fred 452
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Weird. I found an honest and real woman on with my first attempt. Though, I think I'm just lucky enough to avoid being scammed

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Hi, what i know is that UADreams are not serious at all, i tried many times to contact girls there but efery time i'm receiveing robot messages from girls that's mean there is no real one's there.  

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Yes, there're some. Your success rate with uadreams is about 2%, if you think it's high enough you can invest money in that site. We get hundreds of complaints on uadreams but did not get any happy love story for the moment, though there should be some.

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