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site de rencontres fdating

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Hereby the story in short and facts i have to prove them
Romance scammer
i am a man from Belgium
She is a woman from Horlivka 
website where i got contact with her:
id number of her : 4061209
it might be suppressed since i reported about her scam there
my profile there :  2511298
her profile on skype : live:kyza29062007
Артем Ляшенко
she uses the name of her son rather than her's!
after ten days and three conversations we agreed to come her 
she asked me 708€ to pay for the bus to come 
bus to Russia , then Khariv , Lviv , covid test and insurance, bus in EU through Hungary etc... till Belgium 
she never gave any probe she left but she asked me again for money to have something to eat during the trip !!!
in attachment pictures of her, picture of page in her passport with date of birth , picture of western union i sent to her 
herby two phone numbers she gave me 
one for Ukraine and one for Donetsk...
name with patronyme
00 380 71 321 1492

Eric SOCA (no verificado)

Hello evrybody,

If you have been scammed by this IRYNA SYMAKOVA, you can write to me at this address to discuss how to proceed to steal your money
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Hello, I come to tell you about my misadventures with a girl from Lugansk, in Stakhanov more precisely, whom I met on Her name is IRYNA SYMAKOVA portable: 00380 50 248 6238. She makes believe that she lives alone with her 5 year old son and that she is a widow, obviously you fall under her charm because it is a rather moving story. After a few weeks, she promises you she wants to leave her region because it's war. Anyway, I helped her get passports for her and her son, through a completely bogus agency too, called run by a Victoriia Poliakova. Then the plane tickets, also false, plus the documents, to tell you that it cost me dearly. So indeed do not succumb to their charms, they are very talented, they are with several, and know all the plans to rip you off. So yes, be extremely careful with these donbass girls, they are desperate to get money from you. Eric

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