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Nichiporova Marina

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Nombre, Apellido Nichiporova Marina
Fecha de nacimiento 25 Noviembre 1973
País, Ciudad Russie, Omsk
Dirección Katyshevo street 7. apt 11, postal code 644103
Telephone 74999184286
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  • My dearest,its me Marina here your lady.How are you doing ? i do not make you botherreading how tired i am after work every time i come,but this is really so and i just want to come home after work and i wantyou to hug me and i want us to have a kiss and after15 minutes i will be ready to cook a supper for you,but what is waiting for me when i come home afterwriting this letter,you are not there,and i have totake a shower alone and then i need to go to cold bedalone and try to sleep because sometimes is very difficult toget a sleep even i am tired because just need to be the next toyou my prince.I can take vacation by the middle of August,I think to come to visit you at least for two weeks and than returnhere,but i am not sure if you let me go here :)just let me know the name of the best airport to pick me upnear your home i mean and i will find out everything from my end.I did not tell you the story of my life when i wassmall girl and why do i like dogs so much.I was about 6 years old and when for a walk to lookfor berries near the farm,there were nothing dangerousbut the forest was close and i go there and about one ortwo hours everything was fine and only when the sun wentdown i begun to understand that i do not know how to get back tothe farm and i begun to cry.The first night was terriblebelive me i was scary so much as i just can not describeit how it was terrible,i drunk water from leaves i find closeto ground and i could find some berries there also as i wasprofessional in berries,but it led me so far from farm,so about three days i was in the forest,eat only the berries andi hoped no beer will come to eat me for a supper there,i cried a lot,but if nobody hear its not reason to cry andon the 3rd day my dog has find me and led to the farm.When we come to the farm nobody was there because all the family,police and woodcutters went to the forest looking for meand just could not find for three days already my mom nearly hadthe heart attack and when they return by the evening i was inmy bed very dirty but it was very happy moment in my life andmy dad had a tear but said nothing just kiss me,kiss my dogit was named Juchka and they understand that i missed homeso much and that i have been scary and they got doctor and he saidi am ok but need to stay home and drink more milk for a weekand they should look better for me,but it was impossible to lookfor me coz i was so crazy child :) So this is one more story andi know after we get together we will have our own stories :)We do have one story of our communicationand an other story is getting us togetherforever and i want you never let me go and look for me !I am going to have sweet sleeps and see you in my dreamsi hope i did not make you sad too much it is just important storyand it is about my life and i just want you to know about itand i never tell this story to every one,just only closest people doknow about it and want to share my private with you and i feel i cantrust you as for myself.Thank you for being good listener,i am going to come here soon and will be thinking about you !P.S I do have farm pictures for you todayP.P.SMy address is :Russia,City : OmskPostal code : 644103Street adr: Katyshevo street 7. appt 11My full name : Marina NichiporovaWith kissesYours Marina

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