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Scams on Russiancupid

I like this page

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Scam Pattern: a scammer creates a fake profile on Russiancupid, then the scammer offers to use translations services via a REALLY EXISTING agency but scammer creates a fake email address ""
Hello and been a victim of a romantic scam through the internet by a girl named Oksana with Ukrainian nationality,
He wrote me through the page
That later I delete your profile of this page.
And he asked me for money after sentimental manipulation in order to have this benefit.
I managed to realize at that moment,
I only made a deposit of $ 50, I was requesting 100 dollars more because I suffered an accident, I sent a link to send the first 50 dollars to pay the translation and continue talking with her.
link of the translation and mail company:
I enclose some messages and photos of the person in question, I do not want other people to continue falling into this deception and that, apparently, has complicity with other people.
I will be attentive to any question. regards
Tests and emails of the people mentioned:
Client: Oksana

Good day,  Mr.Andrei Brown,

We  provide  our  translation  service  and  the  payment  for  1 mail
translation  is  3USD  or  2.5  Euro  .  For  this  price  you get the
translation,  expenses  for  Internet  and  computer  usage,  also the
printing  of  the  letter.  For photos we impose the additional price,
printing  or  scanning would cost 0.6 usd / 0.4 Euro . So this way you
can  put  some  amount  for account and we will deduct from it for our

We  also  provide special "unlimited service" and the price depends on
the period of package usage.

 For 1 month of "unlimited service"
  -including photos - 140 USD/120 Euro
  -without photos -   125 USD/100 Euro

 For 2 months of "unlimited service" WILL BE CHEAPER:

 -including photos - 235 USD/200 Euro
 -without photos -   200 USD/165 Euro

 For also provide Skype online translation

 For 20 minutes of online translation:
 -  50 USD/ 45 Euro


 THERE ARE 2 ways of paying for the Service:

 To  pay  on the name of our MANAGER, who is responsible for financial
 sector.  It  is  possible to do Also using Western union, RIA, Azimo,
 MoneyGram or with the DATA:

  First name  - Vitaliy
  Second      - Pchelinskiy
  County      - Ukraine
  City        - Kherson
  Address     - University street 31

 When  you  make  the  transfer you receive the special MTCN including
 necessary  transfer  details:

 Please  send  these  required  details  to  this  mail address or our
 agency's  one Also you take the photo of your transfer list. And only
 THEN  to  refill  the  account  for  continuing  your  correspondence

To  pay  DIRECTLY on your lady's name by Western union, Ria/ MoneyGram
 services.  For this method you need to have ALL DATA information about
 your lady, which is:

 First name  - Oksana
 Surname     - Rymarchyk
 Country     - Ukraine
 City        - Kherson
 Address     - Chernomorska steet 28
 Zip code    - 73009

With respect,
Executive Manager
Vitaliy Pchelinskiy

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If a women/girl cant speak any English... then how can you have a real relationship? You cant take the translator home :) so if cant communicate with the girl directly it seems she is not serious anyways, 

ricardo avila
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yeah, me too. stop scam

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Thank Google for this post, I dodged this one!

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I also was in communication with this woman and when the translation company asked for a lot of money to continue our communication, I did not reply anymore. I have pictures of her but do not know how to put them here

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Hi there, I expirienced exaclty the same scenario, your post helpt me a lot. I was about to send money but I didnt do it thanks to you! Cheers mate!

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