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Russian model Ekaterina Enokaeva scammer

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Iscritto: 28.04.2019
I have a plethora of information. Her name is Ekaterina Enokaeva. She is a Russian Model primarily for lingerie and Instagram. She has over 1,000,000 followers who don’t know the real her. I met her online around May 5 of last year. I talk to her every single day for the next 10 months, or at least I thought I was. The website is, an international dating site. She used a new scamming method that I was not aware of. The dating site pays the agency of the women overseas half of the money collected during chat and spending of credits   She did not ask for money, never. She  used the site to get money me,  so it is more clever. On, chats is 2 credits per minute. You purchase credits cheapest at $149.99 for 750 credits. Stickers, like little kisses or romantic emojis, are 5 credits each, or $1. Sending your photo or viewing hers is 10 credits, $2 each. Letters are 30 credits, $6. I have all screenshots that I can send and show you. She would ask me for over 1300 stickers a day!  Other days ask for 300-400 photos. During the first few mo this alone, she would say she wanted letters instead of chat, accumulating over 1100 in a few mi this from me. If I said I already sent everything, she would ask me to send again! She would complain and say she was crying if I resisted. She also did this when I said I had to go, saying I didn’t love her enough. I would be on 13-15 hours every day. Over 10 months, I spent $321,832 on this one lady. She had women taking shifts speaking with me to keep me online and the money flowing. She can’t say others used her identity. I checked online and there is a complaint about her on dating sites and it says she was not aware. I have dozens of photos and videos to prove she was fully aware and orchestrated the scam at the very least. I also have emails where I complained to the site and they only wrote me back reassuring me she was legitimate. They say they have identity validation process. And she is a validated member. She cannot claim ignorance ever! I want all to know. Many times I complain to the side telling them I just don’t think it’s really her but they would reassure me. I would ask her if it was really Kate and she would always tell me it was despite all the inconsistencies that what happened during the 15 hours we were speaking. There was always a shift change preceded by a need to take a shower or grab something to eat. Then you would have a totally different personality communicating with you who had no idea what you were talking about earlier. When I would send her a gift, This site would generate a photo of her receiving the gift. At least 12 times she received a gift and I received the email verification with the real keep holding the gift but the woman online had no idea what I was talking about. This not only proves they were different women, but that Kate was involved. I have videos and photos of her speaking to me directly, so she was doing her best to convince me it was her so the money state flowing.213.220.0187On Mar 25, 2019, at 2:57 PM, Bureau Investigation <> wrote:Hello Anthony.First of all please give me full info about this woman for preliminary analysis (for free). After analysis I will be able to plan strategy of investigation inform you about price and time necessary for investigation.Best regards.Alex.The First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigation.56 Mezhygirska st. Kiev Ukraine+380 94 8923922 (Telegram)пн, 25 мар. 2019 г. в 23:06, Anthony Frazier <>:I would like to hire a detective to look into a scam that cost me over $221,000 USD. I was scammed on a dating site. The woman is a Russian model working for a Ukrainian dating agency. She used multiple women to pose as her and keep me online, spending money on items offered via the site. Once I got suspicious and asked agency to investigate, she stopped communicating. Site does not seem to want to do anything about it. I want to get the proof of what they did so I can take action against them legally. Tony Frazier 
Visitor fernando (non verificato)

Youre such an idiot! Seems you never saw the testimonial of this scam on 

youtube!   You say you know her and you know 100% she isnt involved in this! Lol

I call you on your BS! She is in and as well as in many 

others. She IS being benefitted by this scam industry and if not her main source of

income it may very well be her secondary thats why you are confused as you think 

since she already has a job as a model... just the same mistake that Anthony made! LolYou call her Katya as if she is someone close to you. So who is she to you?

Anyway it doesnt matter as you can see on the testimonial, the videos she recorded

with this man's name, directly referencing Anthony and as he also says,

"damning herself" on being complicit to this scam. Case closed bozo


Visitor fernando (non verificato)

Incredible how some stupid and gullible men can still come up with this crap that the so called

ladies are unaware of these scams!! They may also be fans of this skank on instagram

or are drooling over her so much that they think theyre uncapable of doing any wrong.

so having a million or X amount of followers on social media automatically redeems you

of being a crook? Thats non sense!

enokaeva may have a sexy body or perfect round ass but that means nothing in

russia and ukraine. So do other millions and millions of other younh women. Well,

this one is not so young anymore and Tony was in a good age gap for her, but as long

aas there involved that means nothing to them and they will just want their 

payday and see you as a paycheck only.

i recently used whatsyourprice to meet a hot young woman from canada but after she

Got her money for the date she magically disappeared forever despite all her comments

of wanting to see me on a 2nd date, holding hands and even kissing each other.

Antony didnt even get that, as he never saw her in person. It also caused me a huge amount of

grief and confusion just as him. It is evident that he fell

in love with this character but they only care about the money disregarding any permanent

damage they may cause psychologically to the recipient of the scam.

I am still baffled about her conduct and the way she just ditched me like that.

these women have absolutely no heart at all and their only interest is the money

no matter What they have to tell you while you still think you have a shot at them!

My respects to Tony for coming out on youtube, showing his face and admitting he was

scammed and was a victim to these bastards(including her ofc). That also takes a lot

Of courage but it will help many others in this situation. 

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Iscritto: 14.11.2020


Hello, we saw your story in Youtube, do you have any results of investigation ?

James Hanses (non verificato)

I  have met Katya and she doesn't speak any English at all other than a few phrases - there is no way she ever chatted with you and there is no way she was complicit in this.    It is terrible that you have been scammed, but the way it works is that a site pays her and tons of other girls to send messages to fans.  I am sure she had no idea that you had spent any money on any of this.  I feel terribly for you and there is no question that you have been duped and scammed.  This has happened to multiple individuals over the years with all different models.  There is no question it is a scam.  Sites pay women to use their pics and the women are never compensated for any of this. I can almost guarantee you that she received none of the money from this endeavor other than a few hundred dollars for sending you some videos and pictures with your name on it.  She was also likely paid a few dollars for allowing the site to use pictures but without real knowledge of what they would be used for.   She 100% had no idea you were spending this money and definitely didn't benefit from it.

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Iscritto: 28.04.2019

It was really her for sure. She even sent me videos speaking to me. She was definitely involved!  I wrote to the site to ask and every time it was followed with a phone call, or a video directly from her with absolute proof that I was speaking to Kate. It was only after I gave them irrefutable proof that other women were taking turns pretending to be her that they finally removed her from the website and apologize to me. But that is not enough. I just can’t get over this and I don’t even want to live anymore because of this   I don’t think there is anything worse in the world but you can do to a person than this

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Iscritto: 14.05.2019

Wow we talk about a lot of money.

Are you sure it was really her? It could be a scammer who has access to some of her private photos.

Post some screenshots from her profile on valentime to check the validity of the profile...

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