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Restaurant bill scams in Ukraine

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Iscritto: 21.04.2010

Vlady matched with me on an app called Happn and quickly asked my number. Strangely, after we started talking on WhatsApp the match disappeared.

She invited me to meet for diner and even offered to bring a friend as I was with a friend. They were very specific on the location: Roasteria at Bunina Street. The bill was astronomically high for Ukraine standards (9600UAH). They then invited us to a bar also very pricey (FUME): 5000 for a few drinks. The night ended on karaoke, another 12000.

Next day she invited for lunch at Рибай, Екатерининская, 30. Around 300 euros for lunch for 3. I came back on the same restaurant and the menu was different, different prices. In all occasions, she was gone long to the “toilet” after I paid the bill-certainly receiving a kick back after the scam. I have the receipts from the above locations showing prices above regular.

I suggest the locations above and herself are investigated, I have visited Odessa before and the prices are definitely not at par with the local reality.

Her number is +380 63 593 9530. 

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Iscritto: 15.07.2019

Something similar happened to me on July 20th 2019 with a lady I've met. Zoya or ZoyaCandy18 has her profile on NatashaClub (1stInternational) and Anastasiadate. She took me to a restaurant near her agency and we came out with $82 without wine, licors or champagne. I've had the bill checked and compared with the prices on the restaurants homepage. The difference was enormous.

Conclusion: It's the man's task to investigate in advance, where to go and what the prices are.

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