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Slavig Girl marriage agency lot of scammer here !!!!!

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Slavic-girl.comm and are one and the same or they are both using the same database to lady's, which caused me concerns so I did a little test. I contacted the same lady's profile on each site and started up conversations. Now, I made the same profile on the 2 sites and the "lady's" never acknowledged at one time, I was the same person. This lead me to believe, like many other "dating sites", that the letters and conversations were being handled by a "translator" within the agency and not the true lady. Nikolayev is known, as the City of Brides. This is a well know fact and I have even has a few women I met in Ukraine call it such. Unless, and can some up with a well stated reply to this finding. I can say from my experiences with each site and around 5 from each, it is and they both are nothing but another scam sites out to steal money from men. I would suggest Trustpilot do a little investigating of their own before believing a sites reply. Trustpilot as a good name, when it come to reviews, such as did SiteJabber. For my job or work, I am a forensic security engineer. It is very simple to find out information about each sites and lady's. For other sites I join and ran away from. I turned in a large number of fake profiles. Plus, on SiteJabber, I also turned in a number of fake positive reviews, linking these individuals back to either friends that work for the agencies or back to the agency itself. It is every simple these days to just create an email account on the different internet engines. Will not go into details on how to track the sites, lady's of reviewers. I would advice men looking on Slavic-girl and or Ukrainebridesagency to compare and start up a conversation with the same profile. See the results yourself. And do not believe the "the lady is one different sites to help find her man." Ukrainian women do not have time to waste chatting or writing letters on many sites. I lived in Ukraine for x number of months and still travel there many times a year. Having Ukrainian women working for the same company, one learns very quickly, these women do not waste time or have the time to chat up 100's of men at the same time.

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