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Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

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Photos of scammers Nom, Prénom Schéma de l'arnaque Echantillons de ses messages Commentaires
ukrainian dating site fraud Yana Shevardak The person on the photo actively takes part in common dating site crime under the name Yana /... Hello. I am the most practical person and I want to save our time - I'm set up for a real meeting... 0 commentaire(s)
tatyana tatyana 14 commentaire(s)
Abramen Svetlana  Abramen Svetlana Much Love to you. Kiss you on the cheek. I speak only the truth. This person will not answer my...  My dear friend John!!! How are you? By the way, I promised to give you a nickname in skype... 0 commentaire(s)
Olesya Grigoreva Alekseevna Olesya Grigoreva Alekseevna Rencontré sur meetic puis message privé le lendemain. Correspondance pendant 1 mois tout les jours... 6 commentaire(s)
SCAMMER ..... MAYBE STOLEN PROFILE Polina Vlasova   The  usual....... First she saay she's afraid to live in Russia because she is...  HELLO, OK:-)! thanks! you know... today after waking up in the morning, I understood... 0 commentaire(s)
Polina  Valsova Polina Valsova   As ausual, they went to the same school, after several emails, she is very in love and want...    HELLO.ok :-)!  thanks you know.... today after waking up in the moening. I... 0 commentaire(s)
Victoria  Shelenova Victoria Shelenova, Victoria Shevelova   “The sum of money, which i need to prove estabished by the law, andfor each country are diferent,... 0 commentaire(s)
Elena  Fokina Elena Fokina Elle dit etre médecin.  Olivier, I do not know where to begin my letter. Olivier, I want to be with you and only with you... 3 commentaire(s)
Irina Vorontsova This bank account may be used by scammers Tourist agency: Kolumb-M.Beneficiary: Vorontsova... 0 commentaire(s)
Taryana  Onorina Taryana Onorina Soldi per il viaggio. Ciao!Soltanto ho ricevuto la Sua lettera sulla mia email. Sto contento che mi ha risposto:)Mio nome... 8 commentaire(s)
Tatyana Tatyana 6 commentaire(s)
Yuliia Stadnikova Yuliia Stadnikova 0 commentaire(s)
Marina Chumakova Chumakova Marina The scheme is the same like the other scams.She contacted me through a dating site. She wrote... 0 commentaire(s)
Mariia Borysova Vladimirovna Primero te dice que te quiere, eres el mejor hombre en su vida, pero después te pide dinero para... Love, you are the best man in my life I need 200-250€ for learning manicures, pedicures. I... 1 commentaire(s)
Is Natalia Natalia Alekseenko Au debut, l'escroc veut faire connaissance puis il tombe amoureux de vous.Comme d'habitude quand c'... Hello my dear Florian, I very much hoped to receive your letter. Whyyou again are silent?I hasten... 0 commentaire(s)

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