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Si vous avez été arnaqué et si l'argent a été envoyé en Ukraine vous pouvez contacter la cyber police ukrainienne pour déposer une plainte

Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

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Photos of scammers Nom, Prénom Schéma de l'arnaque Echantillons de ses messages Commentaires
Myroslava Kanievska This woman have already criminal records of scamming foreigners and take their money and belongs .... 2 commentaire(s)
batigova anna batigova anna She lets you invite her at her home.Very quickly you believe you fall in love as she tries to feel... I love youyou ar ethe only one in this world who wants to help me... bla bla bla 3 commentaire(s)
Tatiana  Krasnobaeva Tatiana Krasnobaeva 0 commentaire(s)
Natalya Buda She will send you nice pictures quickly. She will gave names of parents. She will tell you that she... 0 commentaire(s)
img 1] Anastasiya cherche du contact pour vous soulager de l'argent How’s life  XXXX!!! You are probably surprised by my  letter.  but I will... 1 commentaire(s)
[img 1] Svetlana recu email pour demarrer de communication frauduleuse Hallo! Mein name ist Svetlana! Ich bin 35 Jahre alt. Ich bin eine sehr fröhliche und optimistische... 0 commentaire(s)
Mariya Kochetkova is a scammer ! Mariya Kochetkova Contacted me via Plenty Of Fish. Then moved to emailing only. She deleted her Plenty Of Fish... Chris, expensive! I am very glad that I see your letter! Yesterday Iexplained to my mom how to use... 0 commentaire(s)
Larisa Kolesnik Larisa Kolesnik First tons of pictures, romantic messages, then out of the blue request to meet asap. Then the... Really, problem solved? Why you're so confident in this? Maybe, you think that travelling to Kiev... 1 commentaire(s)
Anastasiya VEI Anastasiya VEI recue mail pour demarrer de la communication frauduleuse It will be interesting to know a person in the modern world through quarantine!Convenient to talk... 1 commentaire(s)
Anna Batigova Anna Batigova This person is real.. and her intention to scam are even more real as she succeeds.If she comes to... 3 commentaire(s)
Anastasia Nikolaeva 0 commentaire(s)
polina polinochka tentativo di innescare amicizia mediante il sito russiancupid Ciao caro Gabriele! Grazie per la tua foto carina, mi fa molto piacere guardare le tue foto grazie... 5 commentaire(s)
Oksana Oksana Noskova 0 commentaire(s)
alena alena plus de salaire à cause du covid19 Hello my dear Jean Pierre. I hope you are doing well. Dear, I do not force you to help me. Let it... 0 commentaire(s)
[Evushka] Eva Recu un mail dans mon boite email. I wish to acquainted with you. I'm a single girl, my name is Eva. I am 33 years old. I wish to... 1 commentaire(s)