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Si vous avez été arnaqué et si l'argent a été envoyé en Ukraine vous pouvez contacter la cyber police ukrainienne pour déposer une plainte

Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

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Photos of scammers Nom, Prénom Schéma de l'arnaque Echantillons de ses messages Commentaires
Sergeeva Tanyushechka Sergeeva Tanyushechka She intercepts Western men from Facebook and then writes them an innocent letter. With time he... Because the contract is the present element, according to which any girl atthe departure from the... 2 commentaire(s)
Aleksandra Inorodtseva Aleksandra Inorodtseva Schéma classique, elle vous envoie un message qui ressemble à un spam.Puis vous parle de vous et... To make transfer, you need to go to the bank, which is any of these offices - Western Union,... 0 commentaire(s)
Liliya Liliya She is living in a country house outside of Kiev. When you try to send a contact request, she will... 1 commentaire(s)
Ksenia Hormuzake   Ksenia Hormuzake  fm Russia Ksenia Hormuzake love letters over a 30 day period. said she was 29 yrs old. No family. Was an orphan. worked at a... "Good day, my friend! I hope you remember me? We found each other in one of social networks.I didn'... 0 commentaire(s)
Natalya   Chernopazova Natalya   Chernopazova Western-Union , Money-Gram RIA , BONIFICO BANCARIO . da: Nataly Data:08.09.2018 08:19 Ciao, amore mio, mio caro antonio, Onestamente devo dire che... 2 commentaire(s)
Ekaterina Yuverna Vareshina Ekaterina Yuverna Vareshina I have card mastercard by means of which I receive my salary. I hope, it will suit you? Please... 0 commentaire(s)
Irina Berezhnaya Irina Berezhnaya Le gros classique du schéma de l'escroquerie romantique internet. Vous discuter avec elle pour... Hello my love Florian! How are you, my love?I start my letter with the main news! I arrived... 0 commentaire(s)
Natalya   Chernopazova Natalya  Chernopazova Western-Union , RIA , Money-Gram   ...BONIFICO bancario... da: Nataly Data:08.09.2018 08:19 Ciao, amore mio, mio caro antonio, Onestamente devo dire che... 7 commentaire(s)
Irina Barsova Lugansk Irina Barsova She pretends to be an injured victim of war. She talks about mother's death and family drama.... 2 commentaire(s)
Natalya Chernopazova Mony-gram , Western-Union, RIA , BONIFICO BANCARIO    da: Nataly Data:08.09.2018 08:19 Ciao, amore mio, mio caro antonio, Onestamente devo dire... 5 commentaire(s)
Liana/Anna Liana Eliseyva Solicita dinero para tramitar pasaporte, visado y boletos avión Hola X!Gracias por tu respuesta.Me complace que quieras conocerme. Veo que estás interesado en... 0 commentaire(s)
Olesya Vladimirovna  Toporishchevna Olesya Vladimirovna Toporishchevna Te enamora locamente. Dice de venir a España y te pide dinero para los papeles y el pasaporte. 200... 0 commentaire(s)
Yo Viktoria Petrova Dinero por moneygram a Moscú, para comprar boletos avión  0 commentaire(s)
Ekaterina Yourevna Vareshina Ekaterina yourevna Vareshina I Met Ekaterina online in june 2018, she said that she was seeking a lifelong partner to love her,... she asked me to transfer money to her through Weston Union,  0 commentaire(s)
elizaveta moiseenko elizaveta moiseenko Ciao mio Mario preferito!Sono felice di leggere la tua lettera e che sei pronto ad aiutarmi e ti... Ciao mio Mario preferito!Mario, mi fa piacere vedere la tua lettera. Come stai? Mi manchi davvero.... 2 commentaire(s)

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