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Si vous avez été arnaqué et si l'argent a été envoyé en Ukraine vous pouvez contacter la cyber police ukrainienne pour déposer une plainte

Punish the scammer

I like this page

Do not trust any antiscam site telling you that you can punish the scammer or get reimbursed without any major investment.

Our advise is just not to let her scam again using this identity.

You can easily do it on our webiste:

1. Add her profile to the blacklist here
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2. Do not show the scammer her profile on our website. In this way she will keep scamming using same identity.

2. Go to page and share her profile by clicking on facebook, Google+, Twitter, social bookmarks etc icones located on the top right corner of the page.
Aslo click on "I like this page".

The more links your point to her profile the more visible will be the page if other potentiel victims try to search her name in searching engines.