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Maximova Olga

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Femme russe ou ukrainienne a verifier
Prenom, Nom Maximova Olga
Date de naissance 13 septembre 1990
Ville, Pays Ukraine, Nikolaev
Via quel site vous l'avez connue
Echantillons de ses messages
  • THIS LETTER WAS TRANSLATED FOR LYOLYA Hello, dear Roger!!! I am happy to receive your letter, thank you very much. I am glad that you have all my messages and letters. I was just started to worry that something bad happened. I am glad to know that everything is alright and you just being busy. How is you working going? I am curios how you are organizing fashion shows. Can you tell me more about them? This is so bad that you cannot chat with me, I just wanted to look into your eyes. But at least we have letters, we can share important information through them, right? Thank you, dear, for kind words. But as for me - I am not tired to hear nice words and phrases from you, it is a pleasure for me. I am happy for you that you have bought a new car. I have heard that it is a pretty good car, and white - is a nice color. Congratulations! As for me - I don`t have a driving license. But I like traveling by car - it gives you a feeling of freedom, do you agree? Well, I am a designer and I want to share some of my works with you. I will attach some photos where I am wearing some of my dresses which I made myself. I want to hear your opinion about them. I will wait for your reply! With hugs from Lyol

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